Top Reasons Why You Should Become a Truck Driver

If you want a life full of adventure and travel, working as a truck driver may be for you. Look at the list below to see if trucker work is the right fit for you.


A truck driver gets the good fortune of being able to travel throughout many parts of the nation while getting paid. One week may find you in Texas while the next may find you driving over the Golden Gate Bridge. There are many opportunities to explore unfamiliar places and meet new people.

Strong Community

Truck drivers have a strong sense of community. Whether doing grain hauling jobs or hauling cars, truckers form tight bonds and often view the work as a calling or lifestyle instead of just a job.


A truck driver gets to feel a strong sense of independence. Truckers are often able to set their own schedules if they stay within the hours of service. That means that if you need to take an extra break here and there, you can.

Fast Training

There are many fast programs that will help get you your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). Some programs can be completed within a month’s time. If you decide you want to work as a truck driver today, you could be on the road in just over a month.

Great Income

Truck drivers often earn approximately $40,000 a year, though additional bonuses and incentives can help increase earnings a significant amount.


There are many benefits available to drivers such as incentives, bonuses, retirement plans and health insurance. Check out different trucking companies to see what sort of competitive benefits are being offered to employees.

While some people prefer a steady job at one workplace, others may want the opportunity to roam. If you’re someone who wants to find themselves somewhere new every day on the job, life as a truck driver may be for you.