The Basics of Starting a Print Shop

How to Start a Print Shop - A Complete Guide - Brush Your Ideas

If you’re opening a print shop, you will likely be providing direct mail, online printing, business printing and other services. Much of what you do will depend on what your customers ask you to do, as a single order often consists of many things. To better prepare yourself, it helps to look at the fundamentals of running a print shop.

Business Plan

The beginning of your path will likely involve some experimentation and changes, but you should still have a blueprint in mind. You should consider who your target audience is, how much you will need to spend and how you will price your products and services. Everything from your composite blade to franchise fees should be factored in from the start.


Before you start reaching out to the public, there are some steps you’ll need to take to establish your business. You should first form a legal business entity such as a corporation or LLC to protect yourself from potential lawsuits. You must register for taxes and open a business bank account. To avoid fines or a possible shutdown, you will need to look into what licenses and permits you will need. Last but not least, business insurance is a must.


You’ll likely find that branding is the most fun and creative aspect of starting a print shop, but you should still put careful thought into it. Your company’s name should be catchy and precise, and your logo should stand out while remaining tasteful. Also, even if your services are mostly in person, you should have an internet presence to some extent.

With the right marketing and services, print shops can be very lucrative for entrepreneurs. If you’ve considered this venture, you could make a name for yourself in your community if you follow the right steps.