3D paintings may pose as virtual speed breakers soon

The government plans to use 3D paintings as virtual speedbreakers and use them to deter high-speed motorists to cause any mishap on the roads.

Highways and transport minister Nitin Gadkari in a tweet said, “We are trying out 3D paintings used as virtual speed breakers to avoid unnecessary requirements of speed breakers.”

Soon after Twitter was abuzz with reactions from people.

One of them  said, “Well the passerbys would know what it really is the first time they pass it, and would speed up the next time”.

“It’s wrong idea. 1. Paint work can come off every few months. 2. Illusion can cause sudden breaking accidents,” said another.

“Thanks for this simple yet sensible solution!!,” said another follower of the minister.

India witnesses as high as 5 lakh road accidents in a year, in which 1.5 lakh people die and another 3 lakh are maimed.