Tamil Nadu: 90% of hospitalised unvaccinated people succumbed to Covid infection in last 2 months

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Chennai: A recent study conducted by the Tamil Nadu health department at all the government hospitals in the state has found that 90% of the hospitalized unvaccinated people succumbed to Covid infection in Tamil Nadu in last two months.

As per the data accessed from the Tamil Nadu Health Department show, the majority of people who are in hospitalisation or in ICU care or dead due to covid are the unvaccinated.

The data that was collated from August and September months from all the Government hospital have found out that, out of 35,575 people who were hospitalized for general care for covid infection, 23,827 (i.e 71% ) people were unvaccinated and likewise, in the 2915 ICU admission due covid, 2161 (i.e 74% ) were unvaccinated. Among 1268 who succumbed to covid,1129 (i.e almost 90%) were unvaccinated.

Data from the last two months indicates that out of 35,575 people in general hospitalisation for Covid,17.93% took at least one dose and 11.10% took both the doses and 71% of them were unvaccinated.

Likewise in the ICU admission due to Covid, out of 2915 patients 17.49% took at least one dose 8.37% took both the doses and 74.14% of the people in ICU were unvaccinated. Importantly out of 1268 total deaths in last two months at government hospitals 7.14% were vaccinated with one dose and 3.55% were with both the doses and 90% of the people who died were unvaccinated.

Health department officials say that the most of the people in the above category were from 60+ age population and out of 1.04Cr 60+ age population in the State, only 42 % of the 60+ people have taken one dose and 18% taken both the dose. 58% of 60+ are yet to take vaccination in Tamil Nadu.

Commenting on the study, Tamil Nadu Health Minister Ma Subramanian said, “The study by the health department has found that the majority of the people who need hospital admission are unvaccinated and most of the people who died because of the infection are also unvaccinated. People should take vaccine to prevent Covid complications”.