The Power of Computer Voice Generator

Computer AI voice generator, commonly known as speech synthesis or text to speech software, has been under development for several decades. Recent progress in the technology has produced applications with very high intelligibility and natural sounding voices. Nowadays, more and more people use TTS software to improve their reading efficiency and save time. Writers, students, educators, lawyers, business people and busy people from all walks of life find TTS software to be a must have tool they use every day.

Text to speech software can convert any written text such as Microsoft Word documents, emails, web pages, and PDF files into spoken words. With the help of TTS software, you can also easily convert any written text into audio files such as MP3 or WAV, so that you can store them into your portable MP3 player and listen to them as you go about your other tasks at home or at work.

Especially, these software can greatly help those who are partially sighted or blind. The future of accessibility in personal computers is upon us and these related technologies will help unite the world and connect the unconnected. In fact, it is now possible to go to a web site and have that web site read to you. Even if you do not have sight challenges it is still time saving and more efficient to have a web site read to you rather that you have to read it.

Still no interest in TTS software/computer voice generator? Let’s see some top benefits of these software.

Text to speech software lets you:

1. Reduce eye strain from too much reading.
No longer strain your eyes trying to read tiny fonts in emails or web pages. When your eyes get tired from reading the screen, just sit back and relax and have your PC reads to you.

2. Increases your productivity by doing multiple tasks at the same time.
For example, you can watch the weather channel, history channel, the news or work in a word processor program at the same time.

3. Save text to MP3 for portable audio players.
Rely on the miraculous text to MP3 feature, you’re able to listen to your chosen written material anytime, anywhere.

4. Learn English or other languages.
TTS software allows you to slow down reading speed to learn the pronunciation. Today, there are a lot of speech voices available on the Internet across dozens of languages voices, such as English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, and Japanese, etc.