Samsung’s designed a slot that can take both UFS and microSD cards

Last week Samsung announced the world’s first lineup of UFS cards. Based on the UFS 1.0 standard, these are supposed to be the successors to the microSD cards that everybody knows (and loves, presumably). UFS cards are much, much faster than anything microSD can achieve, so they are clearly the future.

Only one small issue, however: they aren’t compatible with existing microSD card slots, featured in anything from phones to some Chromebooks. This obviously creates an adoption problem, but Samsung may have found a solution.

The Korean company has designed a slot that can take both microSD and UFS cards, and it says it’s working “with different partners in the industry on this integration for next-generation devices”, according to an official statement issued to Droid-Life.

This means that, when you buy a device with this slot inside it, you’ll be able to use your old microSD cards if you so wish, but you also can grab a faster UFS card if you think you need that extra speed. Win-win. Perhaps Samsung will show its “industry partners” the way by integrating that socket design into the upcoming Galaxy Note7. We’ll see.

[Source:- gsmarena]