Samsung Galaxy S8 to come with a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor

In today’s episode number ‘who’s still counting’ of the Galaxy S8 rumor saga, it is suggested that a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor will make it to the next-gen Samsung flagship. The reason cited is that in initial testing of the fingerprint sensor embedded in the display has proven inaccurate, and a dedicated sensor is still needed.

Why, what’s wrong with the Home button, you ask? There will be no Home ‘button’, strictly speaking, as multiple sources have already stated, and the entire front of the phone will be mostly display. That’s why when Synaptics (a Samsung component supplier) announced earlier this week the industry-first optical fingerprint scanner, everyone expected the S8 to mark its debut. Well, this source says ‘no’.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Additionally, the Galaxy S8 will come with the iris recognition tech from the ill-fated Note7 that uses a dedicated camera for the purpose, unlike the LG Innotek implementation where the two are fitted in a single module. Iris recognition, however, is still not as popular as fingerprint scanning, so let’s not be too courageous by getting rid of the latter just yet, Samsung must have thought.

We’ll file this in the ‘plausible’ category, but obviously there’s no way of knowing for sure just yet.

[Source:- gsmarena]