Problem-solving gadgets and accessories you need in your life

Problem-solving gadgets and accessories you need in your life

Do you frequently work from coffee shops with less-than-ideal air quality? Or perhaps you know your home’s tap water has contaminants. If either of those is the case, or you encounter other problems throughout the day, today’s blog about problem-solving gadgets and accessories is for you.

From a countertop water cleaner that removes up to 76 types of contaminants to a portable air purifier that neutralizes harmful particles, the gadgets in today’s blog keep you healthy on the go. Not only that, but some of the other problem-solving devices we feature ensure you can create content more efficiently than ever.

1. The Pentair Rocean The Reservoir countertop water cleaner removes up to 76 contaminants from poor-quality drinking water in your home.

Worried about your tap water’s quality? It’s a problem solved with the Pentair Rocean The Reservoir countertop water cleaner. Its long-lasting filter eliminates a wide range of containments from your home’s water and works on demand.

2. The Quair Plasma Go travel-size medical-grade air purifier cleans problematic air indoors, outdoors, in vehicles, and at your desk.

Ensure you breathe clean air, whether you’re working from a coffee shop or driving around town, with the Quair Plasma Go travel-size medical-grade air purifier. Its 2 purification technologies clean your entire breathing area. What’s more, it’s super portable.

3. The Razer Stream Controller launches applications and controls settings faster, so you can spend more time engaging with fans.

Content creators spend ample time editing their media and working with different hardware. The Razer Stream Controller makes doing so faster since it quickly launches shortcuts and adjusts things like mic levels, music, etc., making it one of our favorite problem-solving gadgets we’ve seen recently.

4. The BioLite Charge 20 PD fast USB-C power bank solves the issue of dead devices and no outlet with its portable 6,000 mAh battery.

Going on a trip? Be sure to pack the BioLite Charge 20 PD fast USB-C power bank. The large but lightweight battery can charge your smartphone 1.5 times. It even charges multiple gadgets simultaneously.

5. The Lexon Peas Hub 2 plug-in portable hub is a flexible alternative to bulky, difficult-to-transport hubs with its bendy silicone material.

Metallic, static hubs for laptops and monitors aren’t always easy to transport. But the Lexon Peas Hub 2 plug-in portable hub is. Its flexible silicone exterior means you can even transport it in your back pocket without any issues. And, of course, it features 2 USB-C and 2 USB-A ports.

6. The Prone Cushion ergonomic cushion helps relieve bodily pressure and improves posture by providing you support in prone position.

Ease tension in your neck, back, and shoulders with the Prone Cushion ergonomic cushion. This large, comfy pillow offers support while you’re in prone position. It also corrects your posture, which is why’s is one of our favorite problem-solving gadgets and accessories.

7. The Booster MINI pocket massage gun tackles post-workout aches and soreness with 5 kilograms of stall force in a compact design.

Can’t stand post-workout sore muscles? Relieve them with the Booster MINI pocket massage gun. Not only is it powerful, but it also features a stylish, compact design that’s easy to take anywhere. Plus, it runs for 16 hours on just 1 charge.

8. The Allergy Amulet food allergen sensor helps you avoid contact with trigger foods since its sensors detect allergenic ingredients in seconds.

Do you or someone you love have a food allergy? The Allergy Amulet food allergen sensor is an exciting new product with sensors that can detect allergenic ingredients quickly. It gives you peace of mind that your food is safe for you.

9. The NEBO Unisex Torchy 2K flashlight brightens dark spaces with up to 2,000 lumens. It even stands up to water thanks to its IPX6 rating.

Shine a light on your car engine troubles and all the bolts and screws in your toolbox with the NEBO Unisex Torchy 2K flashlight. Small but mighty, it has 5 light modes that shine 200–2,000 lumens. A handy clip also attaches to pockets, backpacks, and bags, making it one of those problem-solving gadgets and accessories you need in your life.

10. The Fanttik X8 APEX tire inflator adds air to tires, keeping your adventure going. Smart modes eliminate tire-filling guesswork for beginners.

Get back on the road, faster, with the Fanttik X8 APEX tire inflator. It inflates car, bicycle, and motorcycle tires as well as other inflatables. Even better, it’s cordless so that you can take this problem-solving gadget anywhere.

Get it for $88.97 on Amazon.

Problems come up for everyone throughout the day. Solve them easily with the gadgets on this list. What issue-solving products do you rely on? Tell us about them in the comments.

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