6 wellness gadgets to look forward to

One of the most interesting implementations of the `internet of things’ revolution is in the area of wellness and health.Wearables such as fitness trackers and sleep monitors are increasingly gaining popularity among fitness freaks. This year, expect to see more of these connected devices as the category evolves. Here are six interesting wellness gadgets we’re looking forward to…

Smartmat yoga mat

Taking yoga to the next level, the SmartMat includes a mat that detects the body’s balance and alignment in more than 62 yoga poses and an app which creates a personal profile to track your progress. Users of the mat will be able to download yoga les sons from an online marketplace.

Price: 18,481(approx.) Available: this year

Myskin Oku

Most health trackers focus on your body but this one is a unique gadget – it takes care of your skin. MySkin’s Oku is a cubical gadget that scans your skin via multi-spectral light and sensors, and works in conjunction with an app that analyses the skin for moisture, oiliness, texture, wrinkles and pigmentation. The accompanying app then makes lifestyle and diet recommendations for healthy skin.Price: 18,480 (approx.) Available: Feb-March

Activite Pop

The Withings Activite Pop looks fun and trendy, just like any other watch targeted at the youth. But inside, it’s a health-focussed gadget that tracks your steps, calories, distance covered, analyses your sleep and even comes with a silent alarm. It’s waterproof up to 150 ft and doesn’t require any charging. The best part about the watch is that it doesn’t look like a geeky gadget.Price: 9,237 (approx.) Available: End January

Misfit Shine

Misfit Shine can turn into a bracelet, a pendant or a small gizmo that you can carry in your pocket or shoes and socks, thanks to different accessories the company offers. It can track steps, calories and distance for all your activities, including walking, running, swimming and cycling. It also monitors sleep and lets you create a food journal through the accompanying app which works with smartphones. It can even act as a watch. The app has a battery life of six months.Price: 6,159 ; Available: Online

Parrot zik sport

Parrot’s new sports-focussed wireless in-ear headphones are sweat resistant; they track the user’s heart rate via a biometric sensor. They can analyse your running style, ground contact time and vertical oscillation and synchronise performance with sports apps. The headphones feature adaptive noise cancellation and come with an app for controlling sound.Price: NA, Available: 2015

 Connected cycle’s smart pedal

The French startup recently unveiled connected pedal, one that tracks the biker’s trips and vital stats and alerts the bike owner if the bike is moved. It lets the owner track the current location of the bike and the place where it was last parked. The pedal records the speed, route, incline, and calories burnt on every single bike trip and sends the statistics online. It also generates its own energy and uses its own internet connection. There’s no need to carry your smartphone during trips.

[Source:- Indiatimes]