Pixel 2 and Pixel Users Report Issues with Mesh Routers, Google Looking for Fix

Pixel 2 and Pixel Users Report Issues with Mesh Routers, Google Looking for Fix


  • Pixel 2 and Pixel users face issues with mesh routers
  • The problem is also reported on Android Oreo-running older Pixel devices
  • Google is looking to fix the flaw

Some Pixel 2 and Pixel users are reporting connectivity issues with mesh routers. Google has acknowledged the flaw and is looking into its fix. The latest development emerges amid the presence of some ongoing issues that are adding speaker distortion, slowing down its fingerprint scanner, and bringing random reboots.

The list of issues, as have appeared on Google Product Forums and Reddit, is found to affect Android Oreo-running Pixel and Pixel 2 models. The flaw mainly refrains the hardware to establish connectivity with a mesh router by bringing frequent disconnects and spontaneous reboot of access points. While most of the users on Google Product Forums mention the difficulty in establishing connectivity with Netgear Orbi, routers by Cisco and Eero are also appeared to some issues, as spotted by Android Police. A dedicated thread is even available on the official Netgear forums to highlight the problem.

“My Pixel 2 XL on 8.1 is making my Orbi reboot. Each time it wakes up is causing the problem. It’s super annoying because all my smart home devices don’t always come back up functioning correctly so I have to manually play with them to get them to work correctly (usually around 28 devices on at one time),” one of the users reported the issue on Netgear forums.

Community Manager Orrin Hancock, in a product forum post, asked users to post their experiences to help Google engineers dig into more details. Further, the company is considering bug reports to fix the experience.

Earlier this week, it was reported that some Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL users have found a conflict between the native ‘Now Playing’ song recognition feature and the Words With Friends 2 app. The app is claimed to disable the preloaded feature.