Our partnership with Lewis Pugh, UN Patron of the Oceans

As one of the world’s largest investment firms, we aim to create a better future through responsible investing. To this end, our objective is to broaden our focus away from seeking a pure financial gain, and ask ourselves how can our investment decisions positively affect wider issues such as climate change?

lewis pugh

In June 2021, we were delighted to announce our partnership with endurance swimmer and environmental campaigner, Lewis Pugh. Perhaps best known for undertaking the first swim across the North Pole in 2007, to highlight the melting of the Arctic sea ice, Lewis’s swims serve to underscore the state of our natural world as he continues to witness first-hand the damaging effects of climate change.

His mission is straightforward – he is calling on all nations to cut their carbon emissions significantly, and to protect 30% of the world’s oceans by 2030.

Lewis’s next challenge will start this summer. It will be the biggest swim of his life and, through the sharing of videos and photographs, we will be there right alongside him.

Below is a short video on the work of Lewis Pugh.