Now it’s time for the iPhone 7 Plus (or iPhone 7 Pro) to star in a video leak

Just a few short hours ago we brought yet another leaked video of the iPhone 7 to your attention, and now it’s time for something similar. Yet this is also somewhat of a special occasion, since it’s the first time we’re able to glance at the upcoming iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone 7 Pro on video.

It’s a short recording, for sure, but it’s thankfully much higher-res than the aforementioned outing of the iPhone 7 from earlier. The video shows the bigger model’s back in three different color versions – grey, silver, and rose gold. On top of all of those (literally) sits an iPhone 7 for good measure. The much-rumored dual-camera arrangement for Apple’s bigger iPhone coming this year can be clearly seen.

Unfortunately there’s no shot of the lower part of the back of the phone, where the Smart Connector pins ought to be if Apple makes that one of this handset’s features. We also have to mention that recently there’s been some controversy regarding how many iPhone models Apple will launch this year.

At the beginning we thought it would be two (like in the past couple of years), but then some rumors out of China claimed there would actually be a trio – the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and the even more expensive iPhone 7 Pro. The Pro is said to sport the Smart Connector and the dual-camera might be exclusive to it too, but it should come with the same 5.5-inch display as the iPhone 7 Plus.

On the other hand, a highly regarded leakster has mentioned that there are in fact only two iPhone models coming this year. This means the one bigger iteration will come with all of those features rumored for just the Pro model in the ‘three model’ mumblings. It’s all a bit confusing right now, but we’ll surely be more confident about which way things are headed once we get closer to Apple’s September unveiling event.

Finally, let’s address another elephant in the room. All of the iPhone 7 leaks we’ve seen so far (including those for the Pro and Plus variations) seem to show dummy units or simply rear casings for the devices, and not actual working smartphones. This means there’s a high possibility for all of these to have just been built by some Chinese makers according to purported schematics that have been leaked long ago. So there’s a slight chance that something’s off about those, hence the final design of the phones may be a bit different.

[Source:- gsmarena]