Nifty gadgets to look like a pro on the go

best gadgets for the office

As the tech giants of the world roll out newer, faster and better-looking gadgets, it becomes difficult to keep up. But thankfully for you, we’ve scanned the options and picked out the best devices this month to help you upgrade your boardroom tactics.

iPad Pro 10.5

Nobody thought the tablet would survive the ongoing rush to condense everything, but somehow, it has, and it’s replaced the laptop. The iPad Pro is a beast: A10X processor, better everything, from camera to colour accuracy. Get the Apple Pencil and the Smart Keyboard while you’re at it – and you have your office on the go. Starts at ₹60,990; Apple Pencil for ₹8,600; Smart Keyboard for ₹14,900

Oppo PM-3

If you’re attuned to the wonders of great sound and noise-cancellation, especially at the workplace, make this stunning pair of closed-back planar magnetic cans your new best friend. ₹39,999

Samsung S9+

If you like staying ahead of the curve, get yourself the smartphone that’s got everything: face recognition, the best camera and video features (make them faster, make them slower), a lot of storage space and, importantly, an end-to-end screen. Be careful, though: You can tell a lot about a gentleman by what AR emojis he sends out these days. ₹64,900

Optoma ML750ST projector

Remember that whole pico projector rage – and how quickly it died down? Optoma’s got the answer for “Do they even work?” with this ultra-portable (the ML750ST weighs less than half a kilo), properly specced-out palmtop projector, which can also support wireless streaming. ₹72,000

Kindle Oasis

Who better to learn the art of leadership (and of throwing shade at horrible bosses) than former FBI director James Comey? And what better way to read A Higher Loyalty than on the luxurious king-sized, waterproof, Audible-integrated Kindle Oasis? About getting the snark: You’re on your own. ₹23,999

Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

Combine the best specs in fitness tracking with the capability to make online payments and access all your apps, right on your wrist – that’s Fitbit’s first smartwatch for you, and it still won’t run out of juice in a heartbeat. Plus, it comes with adorkable retro faces (a Pebble speciality) which, let’s face it, is the sort of coolth 007 could’ve done with. ₹22,990