LG G6 could be available much sooner than Galaxy S8

With LG’s G5 not a home run as many would have hoped, many are looking forward to seeing what LG has in store for a 2017 flagship. Last year, the LG G5 was announced at MWC. But with Samsung rumored to skip out MWC this year, LG would have more of the limelight for itself.

But it could be that LG is aiming for an even earlier commercial release for the LG G6. A Korean media outlet ETNews reports that LG is aiming to have the G6 out in stores a whole month earlier than the LG G5, which launched on the first of April in the US.

So instead of waiting about a month after announcing a phone, LG might be able to announce the G6 at MWC and then launch a commercial release much more quickly. If LG is even more ambitious, it can plan its own launch party and skip MWC altogether.

There is a window of opportunity for LG to drop a new smartphone with Samsung’s rumored release of the Galaxy S8 to come later, and the same window is also when Apple’s iPhone sales become stagnant. A smartphone release with a strategically planned date of release, supported by a strong ad campaign in the very beginning should help LG sell more units overall.

The LG G6 is rumored to be drastically different than its predecessors. The company will supposedly be going for an all-new design that implements both metal and glass, which results in the removal of the removable battery and the potential of water-resistance and wireless charging are on the table. There’s even been word of an iris scanner on the G6, but that myth is yet to be confirmed or debunked. Only time will tell.

MWC is scheduled for February 27 through March 2 in Barcelona, Spain. We won’t be seeing the Galaxy S8 here as far as rumors are concerned. So this year’s show will definitely be in interesting one.

[Source:- gsmarena]