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Dream about them a lot.

From smart watches to game consoles – Forbes Life chose 10 gifts that will definitely come in handy in the new year.

Smartphone Huawei nova 3

The love of the public this model won due to optimum ratio of price and quality. Nova 3 Huawei around trying to be like his older brother, a reference, according to experts DxOMark camera phone Huawei P20. It implements a similar exterior, iridescent blue-purple hues, and fotosemka actively involved artificial intelligence that can detect scenes and objects in the frame and automatically puts them under optimal parameters. Engineers do not regret a single PV modules (two in front, 24МП and 2 MP, and two on the rear, 24 MP and 16 MP) nor the top CPU Kirin 970 own design. Added battery 3750 mAh battery with smart power saving and have a stable knock-intensive work without recharging.

Forbes назвали гаджеты, которые могут стать отличным подарком. Фото

Laptop Acer Swift 5

If what and to start the new year, with a new workhorse. The word “ultrabook”, which gave several years ago, the name of the new class of devices, imperceptibly retired. All because the other laptops have left, they all have to be “ultra”: ultra-fast, ultra-convenient and ultra-light. Weighs new Acer model just 970 grams and is made of the metal: magnesium-lithium and magnesium-aluminum alloys. The filling is compliant with: Intel Core i7 of the eighth generation, up to 16 GB of RAM, a battery for eight hours of work. By reducing the width of the frame Full HD touch screen with a diagonal of 14 inches is enclosed in the same housing, and 13-inch screen of the previous generation. Nice detail: the keyboard has a backlight, which can work in a dark environment is not the same as before. If cases requires additional power, the Swift 5 Acer can work with the docking station, through which he not only recharged, but also “see” the two displays and network.

Forbes назвали гаджеты, которые могут стать отличным подарком. Фото

A PlayStation Classic

The PlayStation Classic is a modern reissue of the one of the very first consoles, which began with the procession of the enormously popular series of gaming devices, and Sony which provided a breakthrough in the gaming industry, where until that moment reigned Supreme, Nintendo and Sega. The design of the PlayStation Classic is fully repeats the design of the original console, including the logo, layout and packaging design. But in a nutshell: the size of the new PlayStation Classic is 45% smaller than the original PlayStation in 1994. The kit includes two wired controller, HDMI cable and memory card as storage media, the novelty, of course, not CD. This allowed us to release a gadget with pre-installed games (Final Fantasy VII, Tekken 3, Ridge Racer Type 4, Grand Theft Auto, Metal Gear Solid and другиvb) and also give players the ability to save game progress when switching between different video games.

Forbes назвали гаджеты, которые могут стать отличным подарком. Фото

Speaker system Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 5

Onyx Studio 5 is the next incarnation of the flagship solutions of the brand, framed in a compact body. On mobility right here implying not trying to camouflage aluminum handle and a weight of 2.9 kg. the center of the sound device is a single 120 mm speaker, which is responsible for lower and medium frequencies at the same time. High frequencies are administered by the 25 mm tweeters. Total Onyx Studio 5 may issue a power of 50 watts. At the same time to create a stereo or multi-channel effect, the new Wireless Dual Sound, which wirelessly can combine two such devices in one audio stereo. Controls music relief and visible, although painted in a single tone cloth trim column. The battery will last for eight hours of music without recharging.

Forbes назвали гаджеты, которые могут стать отличным подарком. Фото

Coffee Machine Bork Z8

Joint development of the company, and Bork manufacturer of coffee machines Jura. Generally speaking, the Swiss Jura since 1931 spetsializiruyutsya strictly on the coffee, increasing speed from time to time. Thus, the previous joint development of the Z6 overall and was prepared only 13 variants of the coffee beverage, and Bork Z8 expanded the menu to 21. She added, and in speed. Yes, it’s the only coffee machine with simultaneous supply of coffee and milk, along with fast heating she leaves the competitors far behind. While any drink is prepared in one touch touch screen. Technology Intellectual Water System with CLARIS Smart in advance prepares the water.

Forbes назвали гаджеты, которые могут стать отличным подарком. Фото

Wireless acoustics Marshall Kilburn II

The second generation of compact portable speaker systems from the legendary supplier of rock equipment. The previous version, even though the smallest in the family of Marshall weighed three pounds, which slightly affects its mobility. The new version of the Kilburn retained size (243 x 162 x 140 mm), but was better at a pound and became more powerful: now dynamics issue 36 watts of total power to 25 W in the first version of Kilburn. This is probably the biggest among the similar column, plus best conveys the characteristic sounds of rock music. The design is inspired by old-school guitar amps: vinyl covered body, metal grille from the microphone on the front side, analog volume controls, bass and treble. And everything is protected from moisture (meets IPX2 rating). Comes with guitar strap. Work without recharging for 20 hours, supports Bluetooth 5.0 and simultaneous connection of two wireless audio sources. To connect other equipment there is a mini jack (3.5 mm). Charging is extremely fast 20 minutes is enough for 3 hours, a full charge takes 2.5 hours.

Forbes назвали гаджеты, которые могут стать отличным подарком. Фото

Portable cinema Cinemood “Multicube”

The product is surprisingly successful Russian startups, who had a few years to develop into a full-fledged company. Gadget projector weighing 300 grams – combines sophisticated hardware and optics (not competing for space height, but optimized content) and selected “software”. Or rather, a huge number of cartoons, films, and filmstrips of fairy tales with the addition in the form of subscriptions to different services (IVC, MegaFon.TV channel “Cartoon” and others). Form factor the device is a cube with sides of 8 by 8 cm – were convenient for travel and entertainment in the road. “Multicustom” you can effectively keep children occupied, transmitting the image, for example, on the back of the forward seat on the plane and car. Upon arrival to the hotel in a more relaxed atmosphere to watch a movie on the ceiling: the screen size will be up to 3 meters depending on the distance.

Forbes назвали гаджеты, которые могут стать отличным подарком. Фото

Smart watch Garmin Fenix 5X Plus Sapphire

Model with a titanium DLC case and strap – top in the line “the Phoenix”, a famous American manufacturer of GPS navigation and all kinds of smart watches. Price bracket the latest devices doesn’t change itself over the years and puts them out of reach of the General public, so Garmin on your wrist remains a marker of status. But the functionality of such watches justifies the price tag. So, the fifth series of the Fenix is still a faithful companion for hardcore athletes (during workouts, the watch automatically recognize many of the exercises and number of sets) or extreme sports lover with the basic GPS function. Among the improvements – colored cards with the function of calculating the popular routes Trendline (if you’ve used a monochrome card, you will be highly impressed by), the built-in NFC module, giving you the opportunity to pay through Pay Garmin clock, memory for up to 500 audio tracks, a Pulse Ox Acclimation, showing the level of blood oxygen saturation (this function is especially useful during adaptation to the highlands), notifications from the phone. The device operates up to 20 days of smart watches and up to 13 hours in GPS mode, with music. Add a domed sapphire crystal, the bezel around the display and the back cover made of stainless steel or titanium with a DLC coating and get the device, easily laying on the blades of the competitors and adaptable under a tracksuit and tuxedo – due to the interchangeable straps.

Forbes назвали гаджеты, которые могут стать отличным подарком. Фото

Philips Shaver S9000 Prestige

This model has all the characteristics, including pricing, can claim the title of “king of shavers”. Inside, a cluster of new technologies with complicated names, remember that not necessarily. What you should know is the fact that, firstly, a razor blade covered with nanoparticles of carbon to the metal stays sharp much longer. Second, the contact area of the shaving rings with the skin in this model is reduced to a minimum, which promises an almost complete absence of skin irritation. Third, the slots in the rings designed to capture and direct the blades even a seven-day stubble – regardless of the direction of its growth and length. A special role in this process is the microprocessor which reads the settings of the bristles 15 times per second and allows you to choose between three modes: sensitive, daily or “when there’s no time”. Additional “Royal” function – support wireless charging: S9000 Prestige is enough to put the bar Qi after shaving. Finally, the shaver is completely waterproof, so it is possible without fear to take a shower.

Forbes назвали гаджеты, которые могут стать отличным подарком. Фото