Décor trends you could try

Check out the latest decor trends (Thinkstock)Check out the latest decor trends (Thinkstock)
Following decor trends can help you create a stylish, chic and welcoming vibe in your home. There are some styles that are easy to follow and can be quickly adapted to suit the decor needs of your house. Some of these can be modified to reflect the quirky elements of your personality in a seamless manner.

One of the major surface trends this year is the reclaimed, rustic wood. These are cheaper than natural ones and can literally transform your home — be it the kitchen, bedroom or the living area. Using brass finishes for light fixtures, furniture and gadgets, is another trend that is popular.

Cork, an eco-friendly material has shown up in home ware and in home decoraccessories. Concrete and cork are being used in unusual ways. Following are a few more trends that you could incorporate in your home…

Bring in the greens
Very few Mumbaiites can actually boast of a garden at home. Well one of the biggest trends this year is about bringing the outside, inside, by creating your tiny garden in a glass container. Terrariums are a cool easy way to green up your homes.

Classical elegance

This is about classical themes and sophistication, with baroque design elements incorporated in home decor, thereby enriching the interiors.

Unpainted, untreated walls
This look is surely not for traditionalists and the faint-hearted. The industrial look of plastered walls looks chic. Exposed brick walls are a big trend.

Cluster lights

Use a cluster of naked lights to get a contemporary look to your home decor.

Nature prints
Add some prints like the palm and Swiss cheese plant to your cushion covers, framed wall hanging to usher in this trend at home.

Tropical calm
Injecting a warm touch of the tropics to your home with large leaf prints on cushion covers, wallpapers, wall decoration, upholstery and other objects will lend a relaxed, fresh feel to your decor. Bringing nature in any form, even digital prints helps in stress reduction and contributes to emotional well-being.

Ethnic yet cool decor elements

Ethnic designs are in focus once again as a global trend. This decor trend plays a key role with textured wallpapers, pattern mixing and wooden furniture. The ambience can be complemented beautifully with valued objects.

The vintage look

The ever popular vintage look takes a delicate, sophisticated turn with much softer colours and a lot of extremely exhaustive patterns. Distressed furniture with an old-worldly look can nail the look.

Going Monochrome

Playful, fun and full of passion —the contemporary decor trend is about using a monochrome palette. Geometric designs rock the interior scene and are being used across objects — be it the carpet, cushion cover, upholstery, wallpaper, wall clock faces and more.

Statement headboard

Upholstered statement headboards are a hot trend in the design world right now. Your bedroom can get the wow factor and this will also add a majestic charm to the decor.