Bollywood actress Shikha Malhotra hospitalised; manager says please pray for her health

Bollywood actress Shikha Malhotra hospitalised; manager says please pray for her health

Bollywood actress Shikha Malhotra has been paralysed on one side of the body after suffering a stroke. The tragic news was conveyed after Shikha Malhotra was admitted to hospital. The actress had been infected by Covid-19 earlier, but had recovered from it and this sad news comes a month after that. The uncertainty around Covid-19 recovery has spread fear as many who have recovered from the infection suffer serious and debilitating ailments thereafter too. The symptoms are rarely known before the fatal attack in many cases. Shikha Malhotra won fame and acclaim in her stint alongside Shah Rukh Khan in his movie Fan.

Shikha Malhotra was admitted to the Cooper hospital in Vile Parle, Mumbai and the photo of the same was shared. Shikha Malhotra’s PR manager Ashwani Shukla said, “Shikha suffered a major stroke. The right side of her body has been affected badly. She is admitted to Cooper Hospital in Vile Parle.” He was speaking to IANS

The picture of Shikha Malhotra that was shared on Instagram shows her lying on a bed with eyes closed and with tubes attached to her nose and hand. The caption in the Instagram post was in Hindi and it said: “And film actress Shikha Malhotra is hospitalized again. After winning her battle with COVID-19 one month prior, Shikha suffered from paralysis stroke on Thursday midnight.”

The Shikha Malhotra Instagram post also read, “Since she was paralyzed on one side, her PR had to share this post. Please pray for her health.”

Shikha Malhotra is currently undergoing treatment and is not being able to talk, revealed her manager.

Aside from being an actress, Shikha is also a nursing degree holder. In a selfless gesture Shikha had voluntarily nursed COVID-19 patients for six months starting from the lockdown.

However, tragedy struck her in October when she too contracted the dreaded coronavirus.

Shikha Malhotra had not allowed the coronavirus to get the better of her and she had recuperated in time. Shikha had kept sharing updates on her health on Instagram in this time of her tribulation.

Shikha had also informed her fans that she had recovered only to suffer misfortune on Thursday night.