Promotional Carts For a Successful Business

Mobile promotional carts, also called pushcarts, have been in existence as far back as the days of the Romans and the Greeks. All these many years, it has been realized that customers like to have their products and merchandise of all sorts brought to them in a convenient way.

Such a custom high-end pushcart, especially one with plenty of sales appeal because of the innovative way it is built and decorated specifically for your product, attracts people’s attention and creates an avid interest in what is being offered.

It is extremely important that the construction of the cart is made of durable materials and metals. A tubular steel frame has everything nut and bolted to steel plates. Wheels are never attached to the wood body with screws that could possibly pull out. Finishes are hard woods such as maple, oak, or walnut, which will have special outdoor long-lasting coatings. Custom graphics are the completion touch. Digital menus are another nice feature.

Attractive canopies can be chosen in plastic, fabric, metal, or wood finishes. All canopies covered with fabric, vinyl, and canvas are wrapped around a solid aluminum sheet metal frame. That prevents any sagging and will withstand high winds and other abuse.

Types of Pushcarts

There are so many varieties of carts. Each well-functioning and efficient cart is equipped with all the necessary features and equipment that will make your merchandise ready to store, prepare, and sell.

Examples include:

Hot Dog Cart

What would a sports event or carnival be like without the ability to buy a hot dog?

Ice Cream Cart

A crowd favorite, your ice cream cart will be industry-standard, which means that the ice cream will stay cold even on the hottest of days since it is in special freezers that keep the ice cream chilled and mess-free.

Beverage Cart

Equipped with ice bins, cup dispensers, and other necessities, an insulated beverage cart quenches the customers’ thirst with a refreshing cold drink. Perhaps you would rather choose a hot coffee cart for cold days.


With the proper promotional cart, you can be an “angel in disguise” as you satisfy hungry and then happy event goers! You could also select a cart that provides sandwiches, snacks, popcorn, pretzels, or other foods. All Star Carts is an excellent source of a complete line from which you can select exactly the cart you desire and all your vending needs whether you will be located at a stadium, mall, an amusement park, a festival, tourist attraction, special community or corporate events, or wherever you have arranged to be.