Best Features Of OneLaunch For PC

Moving from Mac to PC can often feel like a step down in terms of user accessibility. While many tech-savvy folks have grown up with the traditional Windows taskbar, many find that the functions for their daily tasks aren’t as “front and center” as they could be or as they were when they used Apple’s iOS. OneLaunch is an application dedicated to creating a single hub for accessing your applications, folders, settings, and other features on your machine. It doesn’t necessarily bring a new concept to the table. In all its simplicity, this app is synonymous with a dock launcher. Still, it includes a couple of extra features that will come in handy to certain users.

OneLaunch was planned in view of your necessities. We realize that most of our experience on our PCs is spent looking through the web, so we set off to make a superior perusing experience.

What Is OneLaunch?

OneLaunch is a program that adds a toolbar to your desktop screen. This toolbar hosts a multitude of functions, like being able to search the web directly with your preferred search engine and internet browser. When you first log into your computer, the first thing you’ll check is OneLaunch’s dashboard.

OneLaunch Features:

OneLaunch looks at what applications you commonly use and stores them in the top right above the date, time and weather. There’s also a news section, where you can browse through the top articles posted by a multitude of outlets. You can also change in the drop-down menu what type of news you’d like to look at. See the features below…

Faster Search:

Search is consistently upfront to the OneLaunch client experience. Regardless application you’re in, web looks are consistently open at the highest point of your screen. Through its settings, you can tweak what web index you’d prefer to use, just as what program you’d like web searches to open in.

A More Powerful Chromium Browser:

OneLaunch’s adaptable program takes the best elements from Google Chrome and coordinates them straightforwardly into the taskbar. With the ability to clear inquiry history, OneLaunch’s custom program permits you to make the web look unaffected by the metadata that web crawlers have assembled on you.

OneLaunch Next Gen Clipboard:

OneLaunch likewise has an implicit clipboard for text and pictures that you’ve replicated while utilizing the application. On the off chance that gathering a mass measure of data, OneLaunch can store all that you’ve gathered for some time later.

Clipping Tool at Your Fingertips:

Quite possibly the most well-known component is OneLaunch’s cutting instrument, which is presently directly readily available. No compelling reason to look for devices, retain keystrokes or Google search, “how to do screen captures in Windows.” The suction device is correct where you need it, and it saves your screen captures for you.

Simple Access to All Your Windows:

OneLaunch coordinates the entirety of the windows you as of now have open on the taskbar, permitting you to review what’s going on in these applications for speedy, compact access. These are accessible whenever, and you can undoubtedly tab through them as you work.