ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser gets Marshmallow update

ASUS has finally pushed out the Marshmallow update for the ZenFone 2 Laser. The cool thing about the update is that not only does it update the phone to the latest version of Android, and everything that comes with it, but it also removes a ton of bloatware that ASUS phones usually tend to come with.

List of apps removed from the phone include Omlet, Data Transfer, Photo Frame, ASUS Backup, Dr. Safety, What’s Next, Party Link, Remote Link, PC Link, Yahoo Shopping, EZ Ding, TripAdvisor, Zinio, iReader, Dr.Eye, Google+, Puffin Browser, Mirror, ASUS Email, ASUS Calendar, and ASUS Messaging.

The update does add a few apps, though, including Google Calendar, Google Messenger, and Dr. Booster.

In case you miss any of those apps, you can always download them from the Play Store.

The update does not support APP2SD, so ASUS recommends you transfer all your apps to the internal storage before updating.