Apple Music Installing Itself To iPhone Dock, Kicking Out Apps Like Spotify

Some iPhone owners also found the bug was causing Apple Music to make it default music service for Siri requests, kicking off Spotify.

Several iPhone users found themselves in a fix when the Apple Music iOS app began installing itself directly to the iPhone’s dock when downloaded, instead of the home screen, thus booting out other apps including music streaming service Spotify.

The bug impacted different iPhone models, kicking out other apps in the dock at the bottom of the iPhone screen and taking their spot, reports TechCrunch.

Apple said that it was looking into the issue.

“Seems like if you download the Apple Music app from the App Store, it will automatically appear on your device (iPhone) dock, more than this, it will change any other 3d party app with the Music app. If on your dock, you only have Apple apps it won’t do anything,” Kevin Archer, an iOS developer, tweeted late on Thursday.

In a tweet, Epic Games Founder and CEO Tim Sweeney said: “I just verified this on iOS 15.4.1. With Spotify installed and on the dock, installing Apple Music removed Spotify from the dock and put Apple Music there – without asking. Happens without Apple Music being run, so clearly Apple has rigged their OPERATING SYSTEM to do this!”

Epic is already fighting a long-drawn antitrust lawsuit with Apple.

In fact, the Apple Music app replaced all sorts of apps that were in users’ docks, including first-party apps like the built-in Camera app.

“Apple said, awe treat every developer the same and ‘the rules for every developer are the same’. It seems that they forgot to mention that the rules are the same, except for Apple. Basically, it just swapped my Spotify from the dock with Apple Music,” Archer further tweeted.