Alleged Samsung Galaxy S9 with Snapdragon 845 spotted on Geekbench

Alleged Samsung Galaxy S9 with Snapdragon 845 spotted on Geekbench

Notably, the device is listed with sdm845, which is most likely to be the yet-to-be-announced flagship processor the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845. The Geekbench listing reveals that the processor is a Quad-core one and it is clocked at 1.78GHz. The chip is said to be built on a 7nm node.

However, instead of Samsung, TSMC will make it. This is due to the fact that Samsung is shifting to 8nm. Backing the processor up, there is 4GB of RAM. This is quite disappointing since we expected the Galaxy S9 to arrive with a larger RAM capacity (6GB). Apart from that, the Samsung SM-G9650 is listed with Android 7.1.2 Nougat OS. The performance of this new phone is unknown, but the render script score is 7371 points.

To remind you, the score is low in comparison with that of the Galaxy S8, which is more than 9000 points. So this doesn’t quite make sense, to be honest. Being the next flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S9 should be better than its predecessors. We should also keep in mind that Geekbench scores often turn out to be inaccurate.

So until we see the device appearing in other benchmark sites, you better take the information lightly. As yet, not much is known about the Galaxy 9. Going by the rumors, the smartphone is codenamed as Start and its Plus variant is referred as Star 2. Speaking of features, it is expected to ship with rear dual cameras, bezel-less display and a front-mounted fingerprint scanner.