7 essential gadgets for your daily runs

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The monsoons are here but nothing’s going to stop you if you’re a passionate runner, right?

For most daily runners consistency is key. No matter whether it’s pouring cats and dogs or the dingy government calls a strike or if you’re dead tired after a long day at work. If you’ve gotta run, you’ve gotta run.Luckily here at the Stuff India, running matters and we like to think that most of our creative humour somewhat emerges from there. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional everyday runner or a rookie who wants to get off the couch, we’ve got the seven essential gadgets to supercharge your running game.


We all own a pair of running shoes, but that’s not the trick to get your running done the right way. We recommend switching between 2-3 pairs of shoes everyday so they don’t wear off too quick or one pair could be left to dry if it’s sweaty and smelly.

Adidas Solar Boost is that shoe if you’re looking to go the distance and prepare for better challenges. They are inspired and engineered by NASA and m


Everybody hates the phone dangling in the pocket while you run. But because we’re addicted to our smartphone and can’t help but take it along for calls, music and selfies during the run, the Aeoss armband is something you should consider strapping on.

It’s waterproof so there’s no plastic-bag nonsense involved. It’s got a pocket for your smartphone (5.5in-5.7in), a hole to connect wired headphones, and a little more space for keys, credit-cards and other stuff you’d wish to carry.


Buy the Aeoss running strap here from Aeoss India

4) RUN 700 RUNNING IN-SOLES (₹599)

Fact: Running shoes don’t wear out as fast the inner-soles do, it’s true.

If you’re not yet ready to buy a pair of new shoes for the road, try getting the Run 700 in-sole to replace your current ones. These 5mm thick soles are made for runners who require better shock absorption, comfort and cushioning.

Just make sure you find your right size and fit in your shoe properly for best results.


Buy the Run 700 here from Decathalon India


If you’re still lacking the musical thump in your runs, come join the truly wireless game with the Jabra 65t to make your runs a little more fun.

You can summon Alexa or Siri to ask random questions or add tasks or notes if anything else pops up in the head during the run. It’s fully wireless so you waste no time in untangling and can survive for about 5 hours on battery without the charging box. Don’t worry, they won’t fall off your ears, if they do, they are well built and protected. Phew.


Need to quench up real quick during runs and need a sip of liquid to beat the heat? Then get yourself the bottle carrier running belt to strap on during runs.

You can fill it up with whatever you want (water/juice/protein milkshake/alcohol) just make sure it isn’t too heavy on the tummy. Or else that run may end going the other way around.


Buy the Kalenji Bottle Carrier here from Amazon India


Wearing a regular cotton or nylon T-shirt for your daily run is completely fine, because after all, it’s going to get all sweaty and smelly.

However, if you splash a little extra on this polyester T-shirt, your upper-body will stay drier and cooler no matter what the weather is. With it’s UA Tech the fabric doesn’t let out your stinky odour to people next to you and dries up really quick if you’ve run in the rains. Well after all, you’re paying the price for what it’s worth.

ade to make your runs easy and light with its new Tailor Placement tech and proprietary Boost sole. Trust us, your feet will thank you if you add these to your running kit.


Buy the Adidas SolarBoost here from Adidas India

2) FITBIT VERSA (FROM ₹19,999)

Today, running is not only about the regular warm-ups, the stretches and the run. It’s more than that.

It’s about making your runs about quality, adding efficiency and showing improvements and aiming for those golden goals in a smarter way. But how?

Add the Fitbit Versa to your cart and it can handle all the dirty work you throw at it. It’s completely waterproof, an expert at fitness tracking and you can keep a monthly record to see how you’ve done. Best part? You’ll even look good while running too.