Fitness tech for more efficient workouts

Remember when you promised yourself that 2018 would be the year you’d get back into jogging, master Crow Pose, and feel healthier and stronger than you’ve ever felt before?

If you’ve been slacking on those goals, you might need a little boost to get back on track. Luckily, the below gadgets can help. These FitTech products are must-buys for 2018.

Funds at your fingertips with Bankwest Halo payment ring — $39

Heading out for a jog, but don’t want to bring along your entire wallet? You don’t have to with this nifty gadget: The Bankwest Halo is Australia’s first payment ring. The attractive design is ideal for anyone with an active lifestyle. Bankwest Halo works just like your contactless cards— all you have to do is fist-bump the terminal at check-out and be on your way.

Available to Bankwest customers who have a Transaction account, the payment ring is backed by Bankwest’s Zero Liability Protection — the same protection that applies to your debit card — so you can shop with confidence. The device is also waterproof up to 50 metres and no app or charging is required, making it an ideal fitness companion for just about any workout.

Samsung IconX wireless ear buds for hassle-free workouts — $299



There’s no worse buzzkill than tangled ear buds when you’re trying to get in the cardio zone. Upgrade your workout game and ditch the cord with the Samsung IconX wireless ear buds.

This model is not only sweat-resistant, but also includes easy app integration with the Samsung S Health app for easy fitness-monitoring. Track your distance, speed, duration, heart rate, and calories burned; the device’s built-in accelerometer and heart-rate sensor automatically start tracking activity when it senses you’re in the midst of a workout.

Under Armour SpeedForm smart running shoes — $170-$220



The SpeedForm is Under Armour’s award-winning digitally connected shoe. These kicks track every metric that matters to runners of any level and style. A sensor inside the shoes syncs with your smartphone to give you all the data you need to optimise your training schedule and technique, so you can run smarter with every stride.

The MisFit Vapor Smartwatch — $300



This sleek, stylish smartwatch is a favourite amongst fitness fanatics. Compatible with both Android and iPhone, this device easily syncs with your devices for holistic fitness-tracking on the go. Other useful features include a swimproof design, on-display notifications, alerts, and alarms, touchscreen scrolling and navigation, connected GPS display, and a built-in heart-rate monitor.

Smartphone storage water bottle — $30



Forget about precariously perching your beloved smartphone on a treadmill tray next time you hit the gym. This smartly designed water bottle is the perfect storage container for your phone, keys, and other essentials when you’re on the move. The twist-off design features a headphones port so you can keep jamming to your favorite playlist, even while your phone is stored. The water bottle is 100 percent BPA-free and leak-proof, as well as dishwasher safe.

High-tech Merino wool textiles — $67-109



Merino wool has become all the rage in both the fitness and travel world. A fabric that is naturally odor-resistant, this sustainably sourced wool can be worn over and over again without needing a wash, making it the ideal clothing to toss in a weekend duffel or gym bag. Australian brand Merino&Co offers everything from basic tee-shirts to fun, multi-coloured socks.

Sneaker headlights — $81



Whether you’re a sunset runner or a crack-of-dawn jogger, these clip-on lamps light your way when you’re running in the dark. These powerful little lights provide up to 270 degrees of visibility, plus two rear-facing taillights make you visible to traffic behind you. The lights are housed in high-impact, water-resistant casing, and can be secured to any standard running shoe with an adjustable bracket. Lights are rechargeable and intended for use on both urban and trail-running tracks.

Vi: Your AI-powered personal trainer — $190



This AI-infused fitness kit will help you take your workouts to the next level. Vi is an AI-powered personal trainer that uses real-time data and aerospace-grade biosensors to inform workout recommendations and give you personalised exercise plans — whether you’re a runner, a cyclist, or a general fitness enthusiast. The Bluetooth Harmon Kardon headphones can also be used separately, so you can opt to listen to music during your workouts, too.

Lumie bodyclock alarm — $155


If you’ve always envied those people who wake up at the crack of dawn to go to the gym before work, but you’re not naturally a morning person, Lumie may be the gadget you’ve been seeking. This dawn-simulating alarm clock uses natural light to gradually wake you up in the morning and fine-tune your sleep/wake cycle.

H2OPal hydration-tracking water bottle — $140



This smart water bottle automatically tracks your H2O intake and syncs your daily and weekly water consumption with your smartphone. It’s an easy way to foster a healthy habit — and to stay on track with your hydration goals. The ergonomically designed borosilicate bottle is as attractive as it is practical, and it’s super simple to set up with your smartphone.

Manage stress with the Spire Stone — $200



Spire is a fitness tracker that takes more than simply footsteps and calories into account. The device monitors your breath all day, every day and alerts you to any sudden changes, which helps you pinpoint stressors. The device can be paired with helpful visual exercises and guided meditation sessions to help you meet your mindfulness goals.