3 Common Questions About Bail Bonds

Getting arrested can truly make you feel like you’re up a creek without a paddle, and only a bail bond can make it any worse. You might be wondering what exactly a bail entails, how to post one, who can help, and many more questions. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about bail bonds that can get you on your way to understanding and release.

What Is a Bail Bond?

Once you’ve been arrested, you’ll be held in jail until a judge sets a bail bond that you can pay to be released. The amount of money set is usually equal to those of similar crimes, though there can be special cases where a judge will set a higher bail for the crime committed.

Basically, by paying your bail, you’re telling the court you’ll return for the money during your designated court time and won’t flee. Your money is the court’s insurance that you will return, and you’ll get your money back after you’ve arrived for court.

Who Can You Turn to for Help?

Not everyone has the funds to immediately post bail. You’ll need to find a reliable bail bonds agency that you can work with to gather the proper funds to get you released. If you’re not sure how to find one, start a broad search for ones in your area, like googling “bail bonds near me allentown pa,” or ask around for referrals.

What Can You Do After Being Released?

After you’ve posted bail, you’ll be free under a certain set of limitations as determined by a judge. This can include appearing for your court date, not breaking the law and abiding by any requirements set by law enforcement or the judge.

During this stressful time, the last thing you need is to worry about posting bail with money you don’t have. Let a bail bonds agency handle that so you can deal with more important matters.