Australian Visa Requirements for Different Australian Visas

If you want to know Australian visa information Requirements, first decide which visa you are applying for. There are different visas you can apply for. There is a skilled immigration visa, a sponsorship visa, a visit visa, a medical treatment visa, a student visa or even a transit visa. Which Visa you apply for, depends on the length of your stay in Australia, and of course, the purpose of your visit.

If you are applying for a skilled immigration visa, you have to be younger than 45 years of age and you should know English. There is a skilled occupations list that is prepared by the Australian government and your occupation should be included in this list. You may even have to go through an examination so that the authorities can check the validity of your qualification. The Australian Visa Requirements for a skilled immigration visa also requires you to mention the history of your work experience and support it with the necessary documents.

In case a company is sponsoring your visa, you will have to make sure that your sponsor’s business is legal and you also need to ensure that your sponsor meets the necessary sponsorship obligations by providing the necessary documents. Australian Visa Requirements for such a visa require your sponsor to meet your traveling costs and also take care of the tax deduction from your salary. You will have to be paid A$39,100 by your sponsor unless you are into the field of information technology, in which case your sponsor will have to pay you A$50,775.

If you are applying for a tourist visa, there are some Australian Visa Requirements you should know. There are some countries that are listed as high-risk countries. If you come from such a country, you will have to provide certain evidences stating that you will definitely return to your home country once you complete your stay in Australia. In certain cases, you will also have to show an amount of A$1000 for every month that you stay, along with your return airfare amount.

In case it is a student visa that you are applying for, there are certain Australian Visa Requirements that you have to keep in mind. You need to meet certain eligibility criteria by showing relevant personal, financial and academic records. You have to be proficient in English and you also have to pass a medical test. Proof of your insurance coverage and your health and character certificates are required as per the Australian Visa requirements, in case you are applying for a student visa.