You’re using Pinterest wrong for home decor

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If you’ve ever relied on Pinterest to find home decor style ideas and thought “this must be true because it’s on Pinterest,” then professional interior designer Leslie Hart-Davidson from HDD Studios would like a stern word with you.

In the same way that hypochondriacs will search WebMD until they find a diagnosis of their innocent skin rash as flesh-eating bacteria, many “Problematic Pinners” will search Pinterest to shop for opinions to confirm that their original beliefs (like “beige is a color” and “all neutrals are fun”) are valid and perfect. It’s time to break free of the Pinterest Prison and MAKE YOUR BRAIN HURT!

“Making your brain hurt” simply means stepping outside of your home decor comfort zone and considering alllll the possibilities that exist to update your space and have a fabulous new look that best represents you. You deserve to live better in your home! Here are three steps to creating a terrific new look in your home using Pinterest the *right* way:

Step 1: Acknowledge that all things on the internet are not true.

Please raise your right hand, place your left hand on a mason jar, and repeat the following: I, (state your name), do solemnly swear that I will not believe everything I read on Pinterest.”

Be wary of the pin links that promote “only these 3 shiplap colors” or “how to recreate a Joanna Gaines living room” because they limit your options and may not be the best choices for your particular space. Take time to look deeper into options and not fall for the first pin that tells you there’s only one way to achieve a style.

Step 2: Make a Brain Hurt Board

A great exercise for your new space is to create a Pinterest board that challenges your thoughts about design. Find pins that seem too daring for your current style and list the comments accordingly. Start with easy things like wall color or light fixtures, and move up towards a whole new look for your room. Once you start searching for completely new styles, you’ll find it’s easier to identify the pieces that make your brain hurt. Keep moving the goal line until you find a new style that’s true to you and just a little outside of your comfort zone. The “Pinterest Paralysis” section of Leslie’s second book “It’s Not Your Room, it’s YOU” has helpful step-by-step instructions for creating a great space using Pinterest wisely.

Step 3: Seek Professional Help if needed

Fun fact: out of all the popular home improvement programs on HGTV (Fixer Upper, Flip or Flop, Flip or Flop Vegas, Love it or List it, Love it or List it Too, Rehab Addict), only ONE host has an actual degree and is trained in interior design! Jillian Harris from Love it or List it Too is the sole professional out of that large group of home improvement folks. Sure, it’s fun to watch the drama unfold with all the actor/decorators on tv, but when it comes to your home, professional advice is an important thing. If you’re really struggling with the fashion and function of your space, consider hiring a professional interior designer for an in-home consultation. The money you spend on the sage advice from a practitioner will likely save you big in the end. Look locally for resources and ask for references. Expect to spend between $100+/hr for the advice, but know it’s like having a walking, talking human Pinterest Board at your disposal!