What career path will drastically shape the future of our society?

Career Paths

Drastically shaping the future of society can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Think of the people who have, Thomas Edison and the light bulb, the Wright brothers and the airplane, Martin Luther King and civil rights, Gandhi and peaceful resistance, FDR and the New Deal. These examples reflect science (inventions), religion and politics. Think about the profound threats facing us today and the opportunities they represent. Also think about your own strengths and desires.

In science, you can work in small teams to make great strides. In religion and politics you need the ability to persuade masses of people to follow you. If neither of these paths are for you, then consider perhaps teaching someone else to pick up the mantle and run with it. In all things, honest unbiased education is the key to building the foundation to address all of our ills, from the scientific to the religious. So perhaps you’ll be interested in a career that focuses on expanding honest unbiased education to all people worldwide. If your goals are more modest, supporting education can still be a great place to start. Whether it is improving farming techniques to be more sustainable, physics and engineering to develop greener sources of energy, chemistry to develop an environmental friendly alternative to plastic, biology to develop more productive crops or fight disease, psychology and communication with a focus on how to convince people to do the right thing for our common one small planet and our common humanity, or cross functional synergies to learn from multiple disciples to get truly innovative new solutions, …

You get the picture – there are many paths because there are so many problems to tackle. Pick one that resonates with you and pursue it for all you’re worth.