Unique interior design concepts of 2017

Interior designing is an ever-changing space. Every year many new designs, trends and ideas are conceptualised, implemented and followed. So far, 2017 has been the year of contemporary architecture and vintage interior with a twist. A landmark year in interior designing, 2017’s focus was more towards integrating electronic technology with interiors and green ideas. Here are the unique interior design concepts of 2017

Technology integrated with interiors

Why take the trouble of getting up from bed to charge your phone when you can get the charging point embedded in the side table?

And that is exactly what interior designing in 2017 was all about, merging technology with interiors. Innovation in technology allows personalising of your interiors merging art, style, and usability, creating truly unique spaces. And it helps to make the most out of your space, eliminating the need to have a separate electronic item.

Green, green and greener

Eco-friendly designs, recycling ideas, and organic upcycle ideas integrated with stylish looks, and modern colours are the latest trends in the interior design solutions.

Recycled wood and metal, eco-friendly materials, and natural fabrics make it easier to design a green home without compromising with the look and style quotient. 2017 has been about creating new things out of the old items and using innovations to turn them into beautiful interior furnishings.

Fusion of styles

2017 has shown us a beautiful fusion of various culture and style. Unlike blindly following the modern trends, designers work to understand the psychology of the customers and create a unique and personalised interior design that reflects the culture he comes from.

Traditional designs made a comeback

This has been the year of going back to old culture and traditions. Traditional interiors exemplify elegance and comfort. It is perfect for those who love antiques and historically rich art pieces.

Traditional murals with a contemporary twist when done on the patio make the house inviting and cosy. Interior designers are now using traditional design elements to give the home décor a vintage look. Grand touches like candleholders, china lamps, mirrors, chandeliers, classic lamps, and shades have made a grand comeback.

3D technology for customised accessories

Advancement in 3D printing technology has enriched interior design trends like never before. It allows the easy and instant creation of unique room furniture, accessories, architectural designs, and lighting fixtures with a high level of sophistication. And at an extremely affordable cost. This also allows the architect or the homeowner to personally customise products and make the home décor feel more intimate and cosy. Want your name embedded in the vase or a facial outline drawn on the photo frame? 3D printers make it extremely easy.

Lots of houseplants

While bright hues and warm colours are in the trend this season, modern interior designers call for natural accents and relaxing green to balance things out. Houseplants, vertical gardens and live wall designs are a big hit among designers this year. The harmonise living spaces and create healthy surroundings to live in. Additionally, they accentuate urban living spaces.

So far, 2017 has been a wonderful year with a beautiful mixture of innovative designs and eco-friendly ideas, traditional décor, and fusion of styles. Sustainable design and renewable materials are here to stay, and we expect to see more of it in the coming years.