UK submarine completes upgrade, training period

HMS Astute, a hunter-killer submarine of Britain’s Royal Navy, has completed a major capability upgrade and sea training and is now back with the RN’s fleet.

“It has been a remarkable achievement getting Astute back to sea after a significant period alongside,” the vessel’s commanding officer said in press release.

“The ship’s company all performed incredibly over the past two years and we are now looking forward to operational tasking at sea.”

The training period included fire-fighting and damage control exercises and completion of weapon certification of its anti-surface and anti-submarine weapon system.

The Astute training phase included a simulated war environment and training alongside Canadian Maritime Patrol Aircraft.

HMS Astute completed her first operational deployment in 2014.

The nuclear-powered submarine, the first of her class, is about 318 feet in length. It has a submerged speed of about 35 miles per hour and carries Tomahawk cruise missiles, as well as heavy torpedoes.