Trend spotting in East Texas: 2018 Home Design Trends

Lisa Priest

It’s still somewhat early in the year, but the year is going by quickly! Trends are always changing and what’s super hot and trendy in other areas may not be what’s hot with homes in our neck of the woods. I enjoy watching how home design trends and décor styles change and evolve over time. I’m not talking about what the magazines say is hot—I’m talking about what your neighbors and friends in East Texas are actually doing and dreaming of for their real homes. Check out some of these up and coming trends seen in East Texas homes near you:

Hard Surface Flooring – The overall consensus is that carpet is still out. Wood and other hard surface flooring is in demand with most folks, although some do still prefer carpet in bedrooms. There are many hard surface flooring types that are popular in East Texas—the wood-look ceramic tile is very popular, as well as it’s newer distant cousin, vinyl plank flooring.

Outdoor kitchens – East Texans love a good kitchen, but an outdoor one is something to celebrate! It is an excuse to bring together two of the greatest things—friends and food! Sometimes they are super fancy outdoor kitchens overlooking a pool, sometimes they are a dedicated barbecue area.

Custom Storage – From mudrooms, coffee stations, clever craft storage and toy organization, storage is king! There is a reason there are multiple storage building vendors in town! Storage is one of those timeless elements. I guess it’s technically not “design,” per se, but have you seen a modern mudroom?! They are fancy and functional, so in East Texas, I say its high design!

Farmhouse Decor – This a not just a trend in East Texas, although it did get popularized by our neighbors in Waco. It seems the farmhouse look is saturating everything these days.

Home Automation – Smart home devices are still a fairly new trend and is slowly gaining momentum in East Texas. Prices are getting more affordable on smart home hubs, cameras, thermostats, and lights, etc. As the prices start to get a bit more reasonable, I’m seeing more and more homes with some smart home features.

There is as big of a following as ever for home design trends and aesthetically pleasing spaces. However, what you see in magazines and what is actually in real life homes tends to vary drastically! However, even little changes make for big grins too and there’s no need to constantly makeover to make a space that works for you. The best trend is the trend you love the most!

Lisa Priest loves looking at new colors in the paint department and is an East Texas Area Broker/REALTOR® with Picket Fence Realty, Inc. You can reach her via phone or text at 903-948-3343 or read more at