Top Signs Your Dock Needs Replacement

Living along the beautiful Atlantic seaboard gives easy access to limitless miles of water. Owning a dock helps you have direct access to your favorite water sports, fishing boat and luxury yacht. As time passes along with storms, the dock can start to show signs of wear. Here are a few signs to look for if you think your dock needs replacement.

Foundation Damage

Damage on the foundation of the dock may indicate a much larger issue. The underwater foundation supports the docks Palm Beach County FL. Any cracks may require immediate replacement. Replacing the entire dock may be necessary when there is extensive damage.

Dock Supports

The Atlantic Ocean has currents and waves that vary in strength putting different amounts of pressure on the dock supports. Different materials may bend and warp under different conditions. Too much pressure and those dock supports can crack or even break altogether. Not to mention if you run into the dock with your boat and cause damage to the supports.

Platform Issues

Metal rusts over time especially when exposed to saltwater. Rusted metal supports may not hold the dock together as securely. Small areas of rust may not require a full dock replacement, but the larger the area and more numerous the rust spots, the greater chance the dock needs replacement.

Support Depth

The supports for the dock need to sit at least four feet into the ground to properly support the dock above. Without adequate depth, the dock may not be stable making it dangerous to be on. Floating docks are a replacement option when the eroding ground makes that support depth near impossible to attain.

Rotting Wood

Wooden docks are a popular option for homeowners because of their affordability. Unfortunately, wood rots over time especially sitting in and on water all the time. Sometimes the rotted wood needs a simple replacement, but too much rot may require a full dock replacement. Evaluate the wood and metal before determining whether you can repair it or need to replace the dock.