Top 100 Mental Health Blogs To Read For Total Wellness In 2022

There are thousands of mental health bloggers out there, but these top 100 mental health blogs are particularly powerful sources of insight, wisdom and support. Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020 we’ve seen mental health issues on the rise, and it’s more important than ever to find wellness in your life. The following bloggers have been carefully awarded spots on this list for their exemplary work and high ranking among the world’s long list of anxiety blogs, bipolar disorder blogs, depression blogs, eating disorder blogs, OCD blogs, PTSD blogs, and more.

This ultimate list is curated with the top bloggers who have successfully used their stories to dismantle stigma, change lives, and rewrite the mental health narrative. The following blogs feature content on a variety of mental health topics which include everything from depression blogs to OCD blogs to PTSD blogs and other mental health blogs.

If you are looking for motivation, information or simply a supportive online community, the following mental health blogs are an excellent place to start. With content from the best anxiety bloggers, depression bloggers, OCD bloggers, PTSD bloggers, and Schizophrenia bloggers, this ultimate list of the top 100 mental health blogs is sure to help inspire wellness in 2022 and beyond.

1.) The Mighty Mental Health

The Mighty is a seemingly never-ending resource which provides support to people living with mental health disorders. Content on the Mighty covers more than 6,000 topics and is mostly authored by people who themselves are affected by mental health conditions.

2.) The OCD Stories

The OCD Stories publishes real stories to educate and inspire those living with OCD. More than a blog, The OCD Stories also offers a podcast, which has been downloaded over 2 million times, for people with OCD, families affected by OCD and therapists treating those with OCD.

3.) Real Warriors

The Real Warriors Blog is an incredible multimedia public education campaign intended to provide ongoing information about PTSD and other psychological health and military-related topics. It is a robust and compassionate resource for service members, veterans and military families coping with invisible wounds. #ReachingOutIsASignOfStrength

4.) A Splintered Mind

The award-winning writer and blogger, Douglas Cootey, is the mastermind behind A Splintered Mind. Cootey’s blog combines humor with personal anecdotes to overcome the stigma surrounding ADHD and depression while creating an incredibly supportive online community of like-minded people.

5.) Wing of Madness Depression Guide

Since 1995, the Wing of Madness blog has been offering a guide to recognizing, understanding and seeking treatment for major depressive disorder. Wing of Madness covers every major topic from diagnosing depression to depression and self-care.

6.) Love and Life Toolbox

Founded by Lisa Brookes Kift, MFT, the Love and Life Toolbox is packed with resources for fostering emotional wellness and healthy relationships. More than a blog, Love and Life offers courses, consultations and endless content.

7.) Chipur Healing for Depression, Anxiety, Bipolarity, Stress

Chipur is a well-curated blog focused on sharing, learning and relief from depression, anxiety, bipolarity, stress, and more. Founder of Chipur, Bill White is a mental health professional with a mission to help people take positive steps towards managing their mood and anxiety disorders.

8.) Lawyers With Depression Blog

Lawyers With Depression is an award-winning focused on stress, anxiety and depression in the legal profession. The blog has been featured in many major news outlets and provides a much-needed resource for legal professionals coping with mental health.

9.) The Worry Games

The Worry Games, created by Anna Lisa, is a comprehensive blog about coping with anxiety, phobias, post-partum depression, OCD and intrusive thoughts. The blog serves as an incredible, multi-part resource for navigating anxiety-related disorders and treatment.

10.) The Art of Healing Trauma

Blogger, Heidi Hanson, developed PTSD in 2007, and soon after launched her blog to help other trauma survivors develop and maintain an effective self-therapy practice in their daily lives. Currently, Hanson is compiling her blog’s insights, clarity and understanding into two books which will combine her passion for art with her powerful ability to write about coping with PTSD.

11.) Time to Change

Time to Change’s blog posts are written by people who have personally experienced depression and who hope to foster understanding for mental health conditions. Time to Change is a growing social movement working to improve everyone’s attitudes and behavior towards mental health.

12.) Bipolar Burble Blog

Burble’s blogger, Natasha Tracy, is an award-winning writer, speaker and social media consultant who works to share quality, insightful and trusted information about bipolar disorder with the public. The blog started in 2003 as a personal account of her experiences with bipolar disorder, but has since grown and risen within the mental health community now receiving thousands of visitors each day.

13.) Through the Darkness Blog

The Through the Darkness Blog is the personal account of one person’s journey to defy darkness. Readers may visit the blog for recent posts, or can choose to have new content sent directly to their inboxes via newsletter.

14.) The Anxiety Sisters

The Anxiety Sisters met in college almost thirty years ago. Over the ensuing decades, their daily conversations sustained them through numerous panic attacks and phobias as they grew to understand and cope with their own anxiety. The Anxiety Sisters offer a blog as well as an e-course to help those struggling to understand their relationship with anxiety.

15.) Wounded Times

Wounded Times is dedicated to fighting PTSD with videos, resources and stories from across the country that uncover what it means to cope with PTSD. For everything about battle that isn’t reported by the news, check out Wounded Times.

16.) Happiful Magazine

Happiful is the UK’s only monthly lifestyle magazine devoted to mental health. This blog’s mission is to create a healthier and happier society by sharing inspiring life stories and positive news.

17.) Pick the Brain

Pick the Brain is a blog dedicated to self improvement with a focus on personal productivity, motivation, and self education. The blog covers any information that people can use to live more prosperous, satisfying lives.

18.) Depression Warrior

The Depression Warrior blog is hosted by mental health peer, Laura Beker, who has lived with major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder and borderline personality disorder. Her posts share stories and cite research to help those suffering from mental illnesses.

19.) The Anxiety Guy

The Anxiety Guy, Dennis Simsek, pours his passion and commitment to helping people understand the causes of anxiety and effectively cope with related mental health conditions into his blog. The Anxiety Guy also runs a popular YouTube channel and Anxiety Guy podcast to help guide people through their daily challenges, so that they may defy their fears once and for all.  blog is filled with Simsek’s passion and commitment to helping people understand and manage their anxiety.

20.) OCDtalk

OCDtalk is a powerful blog and resource designed by a mother whose son was completely debilitated by severe obsessive-compulsive disorder. OCDtalk advocates for OCD awareness through incredible story-telling and includes information about upcoming events, media features and her book, Overcoming OCD: A Journey to Recovery.

21.) Lighting Up the Sky

Lighting Up the Sky provides both suicide awareness and prevention resources. Blog content includes personal experiences with suicide, mental illness and healing.

22.) Postpartum Progress

This comprehensive blog is a much-needed resource for those facing postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety, postpartum psychosis, depression during pregnancy and more. Here, readers can learn more about mental health during pregnancy and postpartum from thousands of moms who’ve been there.

23.) Healthy place – Anxiety Shmanxiety

The Anxiety Shmanxiety blog addresses the effects of anxiety, panic, flashbacks, worries, and phobias. Each post offers hope, validation and coping mechanisms to help manage anxiety and related disorders.

24.) OCD Therapist Blog by Carol Edwards

This blog, authored by Carol Edwards, provides articles and educational documents centered around OCD and anxiety. Her posts are compassionate, insightful and well-curated for a comprehensive guide to OCD.

25.) Mindcology

Mindcology is a website dedicated to mental health, self-improvement, and all thing having to do with the mind. Its mission is to provide online mental health services that provide tools for self-empowerment.

26.) Storied Mind

Storied Mind blogs are written by author, John Folk-Williams. His main motive in creating this blog is to share the ideas, stories and information that have helped him get free of depression and restart his life.

27.) Anxious Lass

Anxious Lass is a personal mental health and lifestyle blog written about the real-life experiences of anxiety by blogger, Kelly Jean.

28.) You Have OCD

You Have OCD is a recovery program that specifically focuses and obsessive compulsive disorder. The blog provides a tremendous amount of information about this mental health condition.

29.) Roland Bal – Resolving Trauma and PTSD

This blog is dedicated to resolving trauma and PTSD. This blog utilizes online one-to-one sessions, unique insightful blogs based on client-therapist interactions, audio guided for trauma meditation sessions and online courses.

30.) The Mighty – Mental Health

The Mighty Mental Health blog provides a community for people who struggle with their mental health. Their blog posts talk about mental health with compassion and without judgment.

31.) Anxiety Slayer

The mission of the Anxiety Slayer blog is to help people feel more peace and tranquility in their lives. The blog offers anxiety release exercises and supportive tools created to slay your anxiety.


PTSD Foundation of America is a non-profit organization dedicated to mentoring combat veterans. Their mission is to combat PTSD and bring healing to military communities.

33.) From Both Sides of the Couch Blog

In this blog, therapist Gerri Luce (published under a pseudonym), reflects on her time with patients, and her time as a patient. Her blogs are about having anorexia, major depression, and borderline personality disorder and have appeared in a number of literary journals and anthologies.

34.) Mind for Better Mental Health

This blog provides advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. They campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding. until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets support and respect.

35.) Global News Depression is a great source for the latest information regarding depression. They provide different media within their blog to share information such as videos and the latest news articles.

36.) Headspace Depression Blog

On the Headspace website, they provide a place that highlights blogs related to the topic of depression. They also provide information on meditation and general mental wellness.

37.) Beautiful Voyager

Beautiful Voyager is an in-depth blog that covers stress, anxiety, and overthinking for people who experience these mental health issues alongside other physical symptoms, like migraines.

38.) The Independent – Anxiety

The Independent’s anxiety blog shares the latest, breaking news about anxiety and anxiety-related disorders. Readers also have the ability to search The Independent’s complete collection of articles and commentary on anxiety.

39.) The NOCD Blog

The NOCD blog’s mission is to help create a better day-to-day life for people coping with OCD by making care more accessible, more connected, and more effective. The main focus of this blog is healing from complex trauma and PTSD.

40.) Centre for Mental Health Blog

The Centre for Mental Health serves as an independent mental health charity. The blog aims to inspire hope, provide opportunity, and offer a fair chance in life to people of all ages who are coping with or at risk of mental illness.

41.) The Huffington Post – Depression

The Huffington Post’s Depression blog is a large vault of articles written about depression and other mental health issues.

42.) Free From Social Anxiety

After struggling with social anxiety for many years, Barbara created this website to share the best and most useful information about social anxiety to help others find ways of overcoming their own struggles, build lasting confidence, and develop social skills.

43.) The OCD Diaries

This incredible blog was originally concerned with defeating depression and addiction, but it has since expanded to cover Everyman’s struggle to survive the darkest moments of life and enjoy more time in the light.

44.) Healthy Place

The Healthy Place blog is the largest consumer mental health site, providing trusted information on mental health disorders and psychiatric medications from both a consumer and expert point of view. They have online psychological tests, breaking mental health news, mental health videos, unique tools like our “mood journal” and more.

45.) The Guardian Depression Blog

On The Guardian’s Depression Blog, you will find the latest news and features on depression from the world’s leading liberal voice.

46.) The Conversation Anxiety

At The Conversation Anxiety, you are encouraged to browse anxiety specific news, research and analysis that allows for open communication regarding mental health issues.

47.) MyPTSD

MyPTSD is a Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder / Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder community that is comprised of blogs, articles, and a support forum for sufferers and supporters.

48.) The Mental Elf

The Mental Elf is a blog that ensures to keep you up to date with reliable mental health research, policy, and guidance.

49.) Creatives Against Depression

This site is created + run by creatives for creatives. The blog was started to serve as a place where people who are struggling with mental health issues realize they’re not alone.

50.) brijadesnow

This blog is dedicated to providing in-depth articles from the author’s experience in regards to dealing with depression during every day life.

51.) Angie Living Free

Angie Living Free is a blog about how the author’s struggles with thoughts, emotions, beliefs, body image, self-worth, and understanding of who they are with the intention to challenge others who are suffering to grow and know true freedom.

52.) PTSD Lawyers

PTSD Lawyers blog is run by Berry Law Firm Veterans Disability Attorneys. If you follow this blog, you will be able to receive current information concerning PTSD and more.

53.) Everything Matters Beyond Meds

Writer, Monica Cassani, provides a resource-rich blog which takes a holistic look at sustaining health in body, mind, and spirit.

54.) The Sane Blog

The Sane Blog is an Australian, charity-based mental health resource that strives to make a real difference in the lives of those affected by complex mental health issues through support, research and advocacy. This award-winning resource includes safe, anonymous and online SANE forums, SANE fact and guide sheets as well as the SANE blog.

55.) Betty’s Battleground

Betty’s Battleground is a blog about one mother’s experience living and parenting with PTSD. This blog is about compassion and perseverance in the face of demands for adulthood among much more.

56.) Blurt

Blurt strives to increase awareness and understanding of depression through Twitter chats, story writing, collaborations with communities and the Blurt Peer Project. The work this blog does not only changes lives, but also saves them.

57.) A Place of Hope for Depression Blog

A Place of HOPE for Depression Blog has been providing comprehensive, professional and expert, whole-person care for addiction, depression, trauma and other life challenges since 1984.

58.) Anxiety Boss

At the Anxiety Boss blog by psychiatrist, Dr. Carlo Carandang, MD, shares nearly everything readers could possible need to know about effectively treating anxiety through multiple techniques.

59.) Jenni Shaefer – Trauma and PTSD

On Jenni Shaefer’s blog about trauma, PTSD, and recovery, she works to provide an accessible space and safe space to share content from the incredibly knowledgeable perspective of an eating disorder advocate, author, speaker and coach.

60.) Depression and Mental Illness Resource Blog

This blog aims to help people with depression, anxiety, and other mental health challenges succeed in their basic, everyday tasks and move towards the life they want to live.

61.) Open Forest – Trauma

The Open Forest blog is written firsthand by a psychiatrist who is constantly on the lookout for great mental health content to share with his patients. This blog’s collection of evidence-based, useful and relevant articles is an incredible resource for patients, allies and loved ones alike.

62.) Dr. Deb Blog

The Dr. Deb Blog is authored by psychologist and practicing psychoanalyst, Dr. Deborah Serani, who specializes in treating trauma and depression. On her blog, she covers an array of topics related mental health and more.

63.) Being Lost Blog

The Being Lost Blog is about one blogger’s journey to battle their mental health demons that have caused them trials and tribulations. This blogger’s hope is that, through their blogs about depression and mental health, they may be able to help others who are also struggling.

64.) Anxiety Guru

The Anxiety Guru blog is Paul Dooley’s passion, and serves to help those coping with anxiety, panic and depression. This blog is an incredible resource of hope, motivation and inspiration for those struggling to cope with their anxiety or anxiety-related disorders.

65.) Yeah OCD Blog

The Yeah OCD Blog is written by an author who struggles personally with OCD. The blog shares anectotal stories about the experience of living and coping with OCD.

66.) C PTSD A Way Out

The C PTSD A Way Out blog is a great resource for those struggling with PTSD. This blog offers daily support for those with complex PTSD and provides guidance for how to heal through action.

67.) MQ Transforming Mental Health Through Research

This blog’s vision is simply to create a world where mental illness is understood, effectively treated, and prevented. MQ Transforming Mental Health Through Research is championing and funding mental health research in order to change millions of lives.

68.) A Blog About Healing from PTSD

Written from the perspective of a woman who struggles with PTSD, this blog works to dismantle stigma and help facilitate healing.

69.) Through the Eyes of Depression

Written by author, Tamera, Through the Eyes of Depression was started as a journal-like account of her personal struggle with depression. The journal developed into an entire website dedicated to dealing with mental illness which is now filled with motivational words, videos and other inspirational content.

70.) Relief From Anxiety

Relief From Anxiety is an anxiety blog written by Amy, where readers may find tips and explanations on a range of topics including anxiety and depression. The blog aims to provide advice, inspiration and support to those struggling with mental health by sharing heart-felt anecdotes of personal experience.

71.) Anxious Toddlers – OCD Parenting Survival

Anxious Toddlers Parenting Survival is a blog created by Child Therapist, Natasha Daniels, whic is dedicated to helping parents survive and navigate the minefield of raising kids who struggle with anxiety and OCD.

72.) PTSD Accepting, Coping, Thriving

PTSD is a way of life for the author of this blog. PTSD Accepting, Coping and Thriving is for anyone interested in PTSD, and mostly focuses on the experiences people prior to receiving their PTSD diagnoses.

73.) Depression Army Blog

The Depression Army blog is an international movement that is centered around ending the stigma associated with mental illness. This growing resource is an incredible resource for anyone struggling with mental health.

74.) Anxiety Training OCD

The Anxiety Training OCD blog was founded by Kimberly Morrow, LCSW and Elizabeth DuPont Spencer, LCSW-C. This blog provides information about anxiety and is intended for therapists, clinicians, social workers, and other mental health professionals.

75.) Freedom Within: My Journey through Domestic Violence & PTSD

This site’s blogger is a domestic violence survivor currently living with PTSD. Through the Freedom Within blog, she shares her experiences and aims to help others who have experienced similar situations.

76.) Capsule – A Self Development Course

The Capsule blog aims to teach mental and emotional management, goal-setting, decision-making, communication, relationships, and leadership training for self-awareness and purpose. On this blog, readers can access endless information, share challenges and form meaningful connections.

77.) ChatOwl

ChatOwl is a mental health and relationship blog featuring in-depth articles, expert advice, and actionable insight. Here readers can learn how to improve their well-being and relationships.

78.) Blunt Therapy – (a)nother Blog About Mental Health

The Blunt Therapy blog focuses on mental health, substance abuse, parenting, and relationships. The mission of blunt-therapy is to support honest and frank discussions about these mental health issues.

79.) Mind and The Gap

The author of the Mind and The Gap blog offers comfort to anyone who may need it, including readers who are struggling with mental health themselves, or who are struggling to support others facing mental health challenges.

80.) Dr. Adeoye Oyewole

Dr. Oyewole’s blog aims to promote the total wellbeing of all people through stories, articles and detailed accounts of a variety of mental wellness topics.

81.) Sick Not Weak

Sick Not Weak fosters an online community of mental health advocates who illuminate mental illness as a sickness, not a weakness. Founded by Michael Landsberg, Sick Not Weak offers content on a range of mental health topics from depression to ADHD and bullying.

82.) The Change Triangle

Hilary Jacobs Hendel’s blog, the Change Triangle, strives to educate its readers on the benefits of understanding what emotions really are and how they affect the mind, brain and body. Through simple language and real-life stories, Hilary brings her concepts to life to help readers manage daily life with more ease.

83.) Rebecca Lombardo Blog

Author, advocate and survivor, Rebecca Lombardo details her quarter-century long battle with mental illness on her blog. Her story is a powerful and intimate look at living with and persevering through mental illness.

84.) Anxiety Gone

Founder of the Anxiety Gone blog, Chantal McCulligh is an award-nominated and top-rated writer. Her blog is a thriving platform for anxiety warriors to come together for support, guidance and love. Through her platform, Chantal offers hope that we can all achieve stronger, better and brighter lives if we just take the time to understand ourselves, our illnesses and those around us.

85.) Your Brain Health/Dr. Sarah McKay

Looking for smart, actionable strategies for peak performance, creativity, health and wellbeing? Look no further than Oxford University-educated neuroscientist, Dr. Sarah McKay’s blog which sheds light on how neuroscience can be applied to everyday work and life.

86.) The Anarchist Soccer Mom

Liza Long has been blogging since 2007, and through the Anarchist Soccer Mom blog, she offers a detailed look at her own experiences living with depression through college, pregnancy and parenting.

87.) Bipolar Too

Mother-daughter duo, Dee and Lai offer a transparent and intimate look at their experiences living with bipolar disorder. With a mission to combat stigma, they are determined to persevere, learn, grow, love and laugh through their wellness journey and they invite all to join.

88.) Elisha Goldstein, PhD

Extensively published psychologist, Elisha Goldstein offers books, audio and e-courses about mindfulness and psychotherapy on his website. Filled with practical strategies to calm anxious minds and transform negative emotions, Dr. Goldstein’s website is an insightful and detailed resource.

89.) Therese Borchard

Mental health writer and advocate, Therese Borchard, is not only a contributor to dozens of top media outlets, but also offers her own site’s worth of content on depression and holistic healing as well as serves as the President of Therese Borchard, LLC, a mental health consulting service. She is a seemingly never-ending resource of all things inspiring and mental health.

90.) Dr. Dave Carbonell

Author, teach and clinical psychologist, Dr. Carbonell specializes in the treatment of anxiety disorders. His blog offers an extensive list of self-help strategies, information on anxiety-related disorders and phobias as well as video content on anxiety.

91.) The Carpe Diem Life

Created in 2014 by Don Forrester, the Carpe Diem Life blog captures life one lesson at a time. By reflecting on the joys and learning opportunities in his day to day, Don reminds his readers how life is not to be taken for granted.

92.) Daises and Bruises

Blogger of Daises and Bruises opens up about personal experience with sexual assault. The blog, which started as an online journal, soon became a saving grace which offers the same promise to its readers.

93.) Depression Marathon. Depression Marathon

Etta, a devoted runner and dog-lover, offers an intimate and detailed look at a nineteen-year battle with depression. For anyone interested in understanding the treatment of mental illness, consider checking out her battle with severe, persistent depression and how it changed her personality, identity and life.

94.) Alison Dotson

When you think about OCD blogs, you would be remiss to skip Alison’s which offers a beautiful recounting of her experiences with OCD. Her blog covers a range of topics related to OCD including faith, yoga, parenting and treatment.

95.) Jennifer Marshall

Jennifer Marshall may have bipolar disorder, but it does not define her. According to Jennifer, living in recovery is a struggle and her blog offers an insider’s guide to her inspiring wellness journey.

96.) Julie A. Fast

Julie is a well-recognized and highly awarded mental health writer, speaker and coach. Her bipolar disorder blog is a phenomenal resource for anyone interested in learning more about mental health management.

97.) David Healy

Psychiatrist, psychopharmacologist, scientist and author, Dr. David Healy, is an internationally respected author who has published more than 200 peer-reviewed articles and 20 books. Dr. Healy’s blog is a phenomenal resource which covers topics ranging from antidepressants to healthcare.

98.) Pastor Brad Hoefs

After experiencing a bipolar relapse in 2002, Pastor Brad Hoefs created the Fresh Hope for Mental Health blog. Certified peer specialist and mental health advocate, Pastor Hoefs offers a weekly podcast and regular blog posts to inspire hope among individuals who have a mental health diagnosis as well as their loved ones.

99.) Let’s Talk About Mental Health

Imagine an entire site dedicated to battling mental health stigma through real-life stories told by real people. Let’s Talk About Mental Health does just that. Created by Jessica Walsh, Angelica Pasquali and others, this blog is an inspiring resource of real-life mental health stories submitted by readers from around the world.

100.) Suddenly Bipolar

On Suddenly Bipolar, award-winning blogger, Deborah, recounts twenty-five years of living with bipolar disorder before receiving a diagnosis. This beautiful blog covers everything from hospital stays and traveling to gratitude and the media’s portrayal of mental illness.