The 10 Best MBA Programs For Consulting, Finance, Technology & More

©Wharton—From finance to technology, QS ranks the best MBA programs by specialization each year

Want to know what are the best MBA programs for consulting or finance? While the MBA is known as a generalist degree, many students and employers seek out certain schools for different career specializations.

All rankings should be taken with a pinch of salt. But taking a look at specializations is a good way to see which business schools might be the best fit for you, to help you achieve your specific career goals.

In its latest MBA ranking released today, QS has ranked global business schools based on seven specializations, regardless of whether these are formally offered as a concentration.

The methodology used for each specialization ranking is compiled with three central criteria in mind: career placements, employer reputation, and research strength.

For career placement, the rankings consider the share and absolute number of graduates entering specific industries and functions. Employer reputation takes into account the reputation of each school among the employers in each industry. Research strength focuses on academic research output on a discipline level.

Of the seven MBA career specializations ranked, six are led by US business schools. These are Entrepreneurship, Finance, Information Management, Marketing, Operations Management, and Technology. Consulting, however, is led by INSEAD, whose primary campuses are in Fontainebleau, France and Singapore.

The MBA at MIT Sloan is ranked the world’s best in Information Management, Operations Management, and Technology. Stanford Graduate School of Businesscomes out in the top three for four specializations, and takes the number one spot for both Marketing and Entrepreneurship.