Simple Habits to Improve Your Dog’s Health

Your dog’s health isn’t limited to just a healthy weight and happy demeanor. There are many complex facets to their longevity. In fact, both new and experienced owners may not realize how important each facet is until there’s a health issue involved. Get to know the simple habits that can make a difference in your dog’s health. Improving it is always a possibility.

Trimming the Nails

Taking care of the pet’s nails isn’t just a beauty task. Dogs’ nails can grow extremely long. If they don’t run around on varied surfaces with some regularity, the dogs’ nails grow at an incredible rate. You’re left with nails that are curling in on the pads. The dog’s gait becomes a painful process as it tries to walk on curled nails.

Try to trim the nails once a week. A regular trimming keeps the nails as short as possible.

Brushing the Teeth

A new owner might be shocked at the fact that a dog’s teeth must be brushed several times a week. Think of how the teeth function, however. Humans must brush for hygienic purposes, and this same concept can be applied to the dog.

Food particles create plaque, which leads to gum disease and tooth decay. Dogs with unhealthy teeth might have bacteria moving from the mouth and into the bloodstream. Avoid further health problems with strong brushing sessions every week.

Considering Nutritional Supplements

Your dog may be a picky eater, or it seems to like playing more than eating. The pet still requires complete nutrition for its health, however. Combat any deficiencies by trying nutritional supplements. If a pet owner visits VPD for dog supplements, he or she will discover several different products that fill those nutritional voids. You might work alongside your veterinarian in order to find the right combination of supplements found online.

Taking Extra Walks

A short, 10-minute walk in the morning may be all of the exercise that your dog is receiving. Try to take a few extra walks during the week. The pup enjoys the exercise and bonding with you. The exercise is always beneficial for the pet owner too. Go to parks, beaches and other recreation areas for the most stimulation. A hike across a park lawn is more interesting than just a sidewalk excursion.

Playing With Regularity

Walks don’t have to be the only form of exercise either. Play with the dog too. It might enjoy tugging on a rope or fetching thrown balls. This playtime is critical to mental and physical health. It helps the dog with muscular coordination along with stimulating the mind to figure out complex ideas. You’re also shoring up the bond between pet and owner, which is a life improvement for everyone involved.

Choosing the Right Food

There are hundreds of different foods available to dogs today. Choosing the right one for your dog can be a tough call. The food must fit within your budget and match the breed in question. Think about your dog’s habits and food favorites. Ideally, try to stay away from products that have a lot of grain fillers. There’s no nutritional value to this ingredient and leads to obesity in pets.

Giving up the Scraps

Allowing your pet to lick the plate is a time-honored tradition in many households, but try to phase it out. These scraps aren’t necessarily good for the pet. The practice often leads to obesity. Offer pet-approved treats as an alternative. There’s good nutrition in most treats sold today.

You are the best resource for your vet if the dog suddenly goes downhill with its health. Be observant about any obvious changes to the dog’s demeanor. This information can help a vet with a diagnosis and solution. Your dog is part of the family, so it deserves your love and respect.