Seven Design Features of Bi-fold Doors

Seven Design Features of Bi-fold Doors

Here are seven advanced design features of bi-fold doors that you can benefits from.

The demand for bi-fold doors has continued to rise over recent years. It’s easy to see why as they offer a great level of flexibility in terms of design, making them a great product to use for lots of different projects, including new builds, extensions and refurbishments.

Remaining popular amongst architects and homeowners alike, bi-fold doors can be specifically designed to bring a customer’s vision to life. Here are seven advanced design features of bi-fold doors that you can benefits from:


Door Configurations

Bi-fold doors can be configured in a variety of options to suit any requirements and specifications you may have. Whether it’s a domestic or commercial build, bi-fold doors can be custom designed to any of the 17 variations of opening styles pictured below.

These can be fitted in configurations from two to seven leaves, giving you maximum control over the style and functionality of the doors. Unsure what the numbers mean? Check out our Bi-fold Opening styles blog.

25 bi-fold opening styles


Opening options

The different opening options for bi-fold doors shows how they can be designed to suit a variety of property types whilst also suiting a whole range of lifestyle needs.

Bi-fold doors can be stacked either inside or outside and can be set up to open in one direction or split to fold either side. This means the doors can be adapted to meet the exact design specifications of the build.

For high traffic areas, it may be useful for doors to fold both sides and stack on the outside, as this moves them out of the way any creates a direct route to the outdoors.

This design also saves space on the inside, as the doors won’t take up any extra room, it can help to create more of an open plan feel. Stacking the bi-fold doors on the inside proves extremely useful when the outdoor space is used regularly and when they may not open directly onto a patio area or decking.



The standard threshold used is rebated, so that the internal floor level is 20mm higher than the outside, this makes bi-fold doors weather tight. We use rebated thresholds, as they are weather-rated. They ensure that the doors can’t leak, unlike thresholds that are completely level to the ground.


Colour Options

You can choose from any RAL or BS colour or dual colour options for bi-fold doors with one colour on the inside and one on the outside. This means the doors can be coordinated to match any interior and exterior décor styles, and tailored specifically to your project.



Hardware options are designed to be just as sleek and stylish as the bi-fold doors themselves. You can choose from spring loaded ‘T’ handle or the Hoppe Atlanta level door handle.

Both options provide flawless function and complete the modern aesthetic of the doors. The hardware options are available in black, white, silver or chrome to complement the overall finish of the design.



Glazing Options

Our glass units are toughened as standard and have a centre pane U-Value of 1.2, which exceeds with current building regulations in both England and Wales.

Laminated, warm edge, self-cleaning or obscure specifications are also available on our glazing units to help meet your design and energy efficiency requirements.


Integral Blinds

Using large draping curtains to cover bi-fold doors often detracts from the open plan feel they create, hiding the full wide-span view of the outdoors. Instead, we offer practical integral blinds to help add a subtle finishing touch to the doors.

The blinds are permanently sealed between the glass and are maintenance free. They are available in a wide range of colours and can be operated either manually or by electric operation. The blinds are also guaranteed for 5 years.