Samsung Galaxy S5 Marshmallow OTA spotted outside South Korea

If you currently own a Galaxy S5 and are waiting on some Marshmallow goodness, then you’re in luck. The 2014 flagship is about as old a hardware as Samsung is willing to update to Android 6.0, but it still very much on the list, making the appearance of an OTA on your handset a matter of time.

In fact, that time might be closer than you think, as evident by the latest Galaxy S5 update roll-out that is now under way in Trinidad and Tobago. It is intended for the SM-G900M version, making it the second device variant to get Marshmallow, after the local South Korean SM-G900L. If you are from Trinidad and Tobago, then be sure to check your update menu frequently as the 1.47GB package is already out there. The G900MUBU1CPC3 update brings the software version to 6.0.1 and comes packed with all the new Google Marshmallow features, like Doze mode, Google Now on Tap and run time app permissions, to name a few, as well as new TouchWiz goodies.

And as for other international users, this means good news as well, as it constitutes the typical second step in most Samsung staged roll-outs, which tend to launch on the home turf first. That being said, the wait shouldn’t be long now.

[Source:- Gsmareana]