Samsung Galaxy On7 (2016) is in the works, import listing reveals

So far we’ve seen quite a few 2016 refreshes of Samsung smartphones, and it now looks like there’s another one in the pipeline. The Korean company is working on the Galaxy On7 (2016), which will come to replace the original On7 from last year.

This has been revealed by Indian import tracking website Zauba, as you can see in the image below. Several different parts for the Samsung SM-G610F have been imported into the subcontinent, for testing and evaluation purposes. And since the On7 from 2015 has the model number SM-G600, this is clearly its successor.

Thankfully these listings also clear up some specs of the upcoming On7 refresh. It will come with dual-SIM functionality (with the second SIM slot shared with the microSD slot), a 13 MP rear camera, an 8 MP front-facing unit, and a 1080p Full HD touchscreen.

Its predecessor had to make do with 720p resolution, and a 5 MP selfie shooter, so these are welcome steps up. The original On7 also had a 13 MP main camera, so there doesn’t seem to be an upgrade there. Hopefully there have been some improvements in other areas such as RAM amount or internal storage.