Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Explosion Cause to Be Revealed in the ‘Coming Weeks’

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Explosion Cause to Be Revealed in the 'Coming Weeks'

Samsung has halted all production and sales of the Galaxy Note 7, and has strictly advised its customers to stop using the device. After replaced units were reported to catch fire, the company has begun an unprecedented second recall. In the meanwhile, Samsung engineers are finding it hard to point out the flaw that is causing these explosions. For that reason, the company has maintained staunch silence regarding the matter, but has now finally spoken about it. Well sort of.

A Samsung spokesperson told Business Insider that the investigation is still underway, and that more light on the matter will be shed in the ‘coming weeks’.

This pretty much confirms that Samsung is scrambling to find an answer, and is currently finding it hard to come to a conclusion, even after a week has passed since news of safe units catching fire started coming in. The engineers are unable to find the cause of the fire, and the vague timeline is testimony to their predicament. In an earlier report, it was reported that a huge team of Samsung engineers were not able to get the Galaxy Note 7 to catch fire even after running several tests, thereby not being able to understand the root cause of the issue.

Samsung has been reported to even consider abandoning the entire Note series, after this controversy. The company has earned a very bad reputation after almost 92 reports of Galaxy Note 7 catching fire have come to light.

While one theory states that the flaw was in the size of batteries made by China’s Amperex Technology, another states that the issue is with the SoC that was tweaked to get the battery to charge faster. The initial cases of explosions were attributed to a fault in its own SDI batteries, after which Samsung started integrating third party batteries in the Galaxy Note 7. That change, however, seemed to have no effect and the Galaxy Note 7 continued to catch fire, causing temporary burns to some customers, but permanent wounds in the company’s years of accumulated goodwill.

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