Samsung Galaxy A4 certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance

Samsung Mobile has covered half the alphabet with product lines and each individual letter is getting quite busy too. The Galaxy A series may be expecting a new member, the Galaxy A4.

The Wi-Fi Alliance put its stamp on a number of Samsung SM-A430 devices. The Galaxy A3 (2016) is A310 and the A5 (2016) is A510. The A3 and A5 from the year before are A300 and A500 respectively.

The pattern is pretty clear – the A430 should retail as the Galaxy A4 and judging by the ’30’, it’s a more recent model (A4 2017?).

Wi-Fi certification of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy A4
Wi-Fi certification of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy A4

Multiple versions were certified: SM-A430FD, SM-A430L, SM-A430X, SM-A430S and SM-A430K. ‘F’ is the global version while FD is the dual-SIM. Other letters are for carriers: ‘S’K Telecom, ‘L’G Uplus. K is a general Korean version. Interestingly, the ‘X’ usually denotes a live demo unit.

An SM-A430U was imported through Zauba, which revealed a 5.5″ screen. That’s as big as the A7 (2016), bigger than the A5 (2016).

[Source:- gsmarena]