Red OnePlus 3 might be in development

The OnePlus 3 can currently be ordered in the “graphite” color that’s known to most people as silver. A gold trim should be coming in July too, as it was part of the phone’s official announcement. In fact, only these two hues were mentioned when the OnePlus 3 became official.

As it turns out, though, you might soon see the OnePlus 3 in an additional color: red. The image you can see below depicts the device in that hue, and it’s taken from the company’s Chinese website.

Over there the red OnePlus 3 was listed for a short while before being pulled. Now it’s obviously unclear if the listing was made in error, or if the red OnePlus is indeed ready to launch very soon. One more word of caution – this could end up being a China-only color version, so even if it does ever launch it might be confined to that country.

Let’s hope not, though, for all-metal smartphones are getting pretty boring in terms of color choices, with mostly the same silver-grey-gold trio being available everywhere. A red model would be a welcome departure from that.