Oppo Hyper Boost Mobile Acceleration Unveiled to Take on Huawei’s GPU Turbo, to Arrive on Oppo R17 Duo First

Oppo Hyper Boost Mobile Acceleration Unveiled to Take on Huawei’s GPU Turbo, to Arrive on Oppo R17 Duo First

BBK-owned Chinese smartphone giant Oppo just before the launch of its latest K1 smartphone teased its new Hyper Boost mobile acceleration technology. An attempt to take on Huawei’s GPU Turbo, this technology offers to accelerate overall performance of a smartphone during intense usage sessions. The company has now gone ahead and unveiled the technology officially in China. Initially, Oppo says, the Oppo R17 and R17 Pro will be the first two smartphones to receive the Hyper Boost technology, while other models will be added later.

Oppo’s Hyper Boost mobile acceleration technology is aimed at improving system, gaming, and application performance, reports MyDrivers. In terms of system performance, Hyper Boost has introduced a new Behaviour Aware Scheduling (BAS) function that dynamically adjusts the frequency of underlying hardware in units of 0.2 milliseconds, compared to units of 20 milliseconds in Android’s Linux kernel. With the help of system-level enhancements, Hyper Boost also provides feedback for hardware platform vendors.

As for gaming performance, Oppo has tied up with Tencent, Netease, and three major gaming engines to optimise the top 100 mobile games. At the current stage, about 11 games have been enhanced, however Oppo did not reveal exactly which games these were.

Lastly, speaking of application performance, Oppo has optimised popular applications like WeChat, Taobao, and QQ Mobile. WeChat has received optimisation for 11 different high-frequency usage scenarios. As a result, Oppo claims, fluidity of incoming and outgoing WeChat messages has improved by 29.8 percent, smoothness of scrolling through the app has increased by 19.9 percent, fluidity of unread chats has been enhanced by 23.5 percent, and GIFs now apparently run 35.9 percent faster.

The phone maker also says that it will combine the characteristics of AI (artificial intelligence) with those of Hyper Boost to make the process even more efficient in the future. While Oppo R17 and R17 Pro will be the first phones to get this mobile acceleration technology, other models are expected to get it in the near future.