OnePlus 5 May Have a Bug That Could Prevent You From Making an Emergency Call

OnePlus 5 May Have a Bug That Could Prevent You From Making an Emergency Call

If some users’ complaints are to believed, the newly launched OnePlus smartphone may have a bug that reboots the phone when an emergency number is dialled.

The issue was first discovered by analyst Nick Morrelli, who chanced upon it when attempting to connect to the police by dialling 911 using his OnePlus 5, he said. Morrelli says he has been able to replicate the error, which is also demonstrated in the video below.

“All I can think of that would influence this is a red button that said something about locating me but don’t remember exactly, then poof, reboot. This was something that doesn’t show up when you’re making a regular call,” Morrelli added.

Several Reddit users have corroborated facing similar issues on their OnePlus 5 units. We followed the same steps on our unit test and didn’t face the aforementioned issue. Some other users on the same Reddit thread also said they did not face the issue.

It remains unclear what’s triggering the bug, and just how many devices are impacted. However, it is likely a software bug that could be fixed with an update. Regardless, it’s an unfortunate bug to have on your phone. A phone’s inability to dial emergency number could prove critical for customers in dire need.

This isn’t the first issue the OnePlus’ flagship smartphone has run into. The OnePlus 5 also had what many people are calling “jelly-scrolling” bug that renders the interface incorrectly when you scroll through a webpage or app. Then there are reports about the OnePlus 5 failing to adjust stereo left and right audio channels when the orientation of the smartphone was reversed; and a separate allegation from a customer who claimed that his OnePlus 5 unit didn’t have the volume button.

“We have contacted the customer and are currently looking into the issue. We ask anyone experiencing a similar situation to contact us at [email protected],” OnePlus said in a statement to Gadgets 360, reserving any explanation.