NYC’s First Nordstrom Will Feature an Elaborate Glass Facade by JCDA

After many years of anticipation, Nordstrom has revealed that it will open its first-ever retail store in New York. Sprawling approximately 363,000 square feet across four interlinking properties in midtown Manhattan, the jewel in the crown of this massive project is the elaborate waveform glass façade designed by Manhattan-based James Carpenter Design Associates (JCDA). Earlier this week JCDA announced that it would be designing the flagship store’s seven-level glass exterior and released renderings of the project.
The construction’s design will seamlessly merge several historic buildings, which include 5 Columbus Circle, 1776 Broadway, and 3 Columbus Circle with the new glass building, which is being called Central Park Tower. The tower will also feature a seven-story glass atrium, also designed by JCDA.
“The curved panels on the exterior almost mimic the columns you’d find on the outside of older buildings, but in a fresh and innovated way,” says James Carpenter, founder and principal of JCDA. “The glass will help soften the façade and pick up daylight during the day, while looking soft and transparent in the evening.”
Carpenter designed the panels to draw in light from the east-west axis of 57th and 58th streets in midtown Manhattan while also providing an interactive viewing experience that engages both shoppers and people on the street. He says that the Permasteelisa Group in Italy is fabricating the glass façades, which will be shipped to Cricursa in Spain for bending before arriving in New York City.
The Nordstrom flagship store has an anticipated opening date of 2019.



[Source:- Interiordesign]