Nigeria’s Top 6 Financial News And Investment Blogs In 2019.

financial news blogs in nigeria

Meet six of the most powerful financial news and investment blogs in Nigeria in 2019. Being a good financial analyst or investor is all about education. There are so many facets to finance and investing, that one person or blog just doesn’t have everything.

In fact, you can spend years and years researching financial and investing topics, and there will still be things to learn or stones left to turn. That’s why it’s important for you to always follow these top 6 financial and investment blogs in Nigeria.

1. Nairametrics.

Nairametrics is a leading financial resource website in Nigeria, with a special focus on financial literacy and investor advocacy. Nairametrics provides visitors and clients with up to date business, investing and financial information in Nigeria.

Major topics and subjects covered by Nairametrics include Business News, Investing Guide, Financial Literacy & Personal Finance, Financial Management And Financial Data Analytics.

2. Proshare NG.

Proshare was started in 2006 as a niche financial information service hub with a key focus on markets, business, technology regulation, and the economy in Nigeria.

Proshare is much more than an information provider; it is a standard bearer for the local investment data and information market; which enables it to provide critical services such as asset support services, due diligence, analytical research, enterprise valuations, and bespoke intermediations; all driven by best practice.

3. Business Day Online.

Started in 2001, the BusinessDay news report has since then been empowering decision makers with insightful and accurate information about Nigeria’s business finance environment and beyond.

What initially began as a Daily, BusinessDay not carries out its mission on multiple platforms and brands, including BusinessDay Conferences and Events, BusinessDay Research and Intelligence Unit.

4. Nairabarter Blog.

Nairabarter Blog is a digital financial investment guide for all Nigerians. The platform offers to break financial industry news — with a focus on the forex market, stock market, capital market, crypto-market, and value investing.

Aside from the blog, Nairabarter itself provides daily exchange rates of major foreign currencies to Nigeria Naira which makes it a great alternative to AbokiFx and the likes.

5. Invest Advocate.

Invest Advocate one of Nigeria’s top investment and financial news website with a focus on the capital market. The platform is poised to make sure that the Nigerian Financial sector and investors remain happy through our factual, timely and highly informative online media platform.

InvestAdvocate allows stakeholders in the Nigerian Capital Market to make use of its online information service to conduct their affairs and achieve highly positive results in their businesses.

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6. Finance NGR.

Finance NGR is an online financial magazine tailored to meet the financial and banking needs of individuals, small businesses, large corporates, and government agencies.

Finance NGR was born out of the quest for investigative journalism, geared at empowering the people through small and medium enterprise to survive the turbulent economy, providing sound ideas on daily banking principles as well exploring the the boundaries of international business through importation of relevant goods and services with a detailed information on Nigeria and global economic stand.