New report confirms July 7 launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 7R (FE)

New report confirms July 7 launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 7R (FE)

The internet is filled with rumors about the phablet. Recently The Investors revealed the pricing and launch date of the Galaxy Note FE. Going by their report, the Galaxy Note 7R or Galaxy Note FE is believed to arrive on July 7 with a price tag of $700 (approx. Rs. 45,000).

Now, a new report by The Wall Street Journal claims that the device will indeed get launched on July 7. We have come across another interesting interesting piece of information. Instead of Galaxy Note 7 FE, it will be officially called Galaxy Note 7 Fandom Edition.

However, we don’t think people will suddenly start referring it as the “FE” model. You should also keep in mind that, the phablet will get launched on July 7 only in Samsung’s home country, which is South Korea. That too if this report turns out to be authentic. So those residing outside South Korea would have to wait for at least one more month to get their hands on the device. Some are also assuming that it wouldn’t even get shipped to international market.

For example, Samsung had previously said that the Galaxy Note 7 FE (yes, we are still calling it that) wouldn’t get launched in the US. As of now, Samsung has tight-lipped about the refurbished Galaxy Note 7. So until we get any official confirmation, you better take this information with a pinch of salt.