Motorola Moto X Force: Made to last

Motorola Moto X Force: Made to last

However, sturdy your phone’s display may be, drop it from a height and the display will be gone. But not if you have the Motorola Moto X Force. Well, the company makes some tall claims of a having a ‘shatter-proof’ display on the Force. And during our ruthless tests, it managed to survive with just a few scratches and dents.

ShatterShield Claim: Claiming to be the world’s first shatterproof phone, Motorola has added five layers to make it solid over the regular three or four layers in any smartphone. There is an exterior protective lens on the top followed by a transparent layer that protects from cracks or shattering, two dual touch layers (in case one breaks), AMOLED display that absorbs shock too and a rigid aluminium chassis that holds all of this together. To test the claims, I banged the phone against the corner of a desk and the screen was intact apart from a few dents on the display. I dropped it from the staircase and even stepped on it and nothing happened. The touch continued to work without giving any issues. But just in case the display gets damaged, it is covered under Motorola’s four-year shatterproof guarantee for the display. Motorola has also added a water repellent coating to this smartphone that prevents it from water damage in rain and water spills.

Design: Moving beyond the shatterproof display, the Moto X Force isn’t a sleek, beautiful looking device. Instead, it feels big and sturdy to hold. There is a 5.4-inch quad HD display with 540 ppi density, which makes everything super bright and crisp. The back, home and multitasking are on the display. There are two speaker grills on the sides below the display. The rear of the device is non-removable, giving space for the SIM slot and memory card slot on the top along with the headphone jack. Power key and volume controls are on the left whereas the charging port is on the bottom panel. The rear looks familiar as it has a textured back giving it a good grip to hold. Camera lens along with the flash is placed on the metal strip, which also houses the Motorola logo.

Performance: Force being the third device in the Moto X series updated in 2015 packs in the high-end specs, too. It has the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset onboard, paired with 3 GB of RAM. Motorola is known for offering the latest OS on its smartphones but the Force runs on Android Lollipop and not the Marshmallow. However, Motorola has promised to release the update soon. It has a plain vanilla UI and doesn’t come with any bloatware. The only utility app Motorola has added is its Connect app. It also has the active display for notifications and gesture to turn on the camera and switch on the torch. While on paper it sounds good, the performance asserts the same. The Force is a snappy device without any lag. Be it navigating between the home screens and app tray, launching an app or switching between the running apps – there isn’t any lag. It streamed 4k videos from YouTube without heating. There wasn’t any frame loss while playing games such as Asphalt 8 either. The colours on the display appeared rich and the sound output from the front speakers was loud and clear. The Moto Force is available in two variants – 32 GB and 64 GB. My review unit had 64 GB of internal storage, of which 53.18 GB was user accessible. It supports up to 2 TB of expandable memory, too.

Camera: A 21-MP camera with dual LED flash adorns the rear while there is a 5-MP front facing camera with a flash. The camera app is neat and simple, offering a few settings but is not the best. The modes include HDR, night mode and panorama. There is also a setting where focus and exposure can be adjusted by dragging the finger on the display. The camera captures good images in well-lit surroundings and during daylight. But low light imaging isn’t a strong point. I tried using a few other camera apps that gave better results. The 5-MP front facing camera captures good images, worth sharing on social networking sites. Moto X Force can capture videos in 4k resolution too without heating.

The 3,760-mAh battery easily managed to last over a day with excessive usage. If used carefully, it can last up to a day and a half with ease. It supports turbo charging too, which the company claims can charge the phone for 8 hours in 15 minutes. We could not test this claim our review unit came without charger.

Bag it or Junk it:
Priced at Rs 49,990, the Moto X Force is a good device with the promise of shatterproof display. It faces competition from the Nexus 6P, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and even the iPhone 6s 16 GB, which are priced lower but none has a shatterproof display.

Price: Rs 53,999 for 64GB
Rating: 4/5
Plus: ShatterShield display, Performance, Battery
Minus: Lollipop OS

[Source:- Businesstoday]