Lybrate app now offers ‘online’ medical lab tests

The amounts are based upon experts' assessments of Maisha Najeeb's needs and will be spent on her care and accommodation.
The amounts are based upon experts’ assessments of Maisha Najeeb’s needs and will be spent on her care and accommodation.

NEW DELHI: Online doctor consultation platform Lybrate, has announced the launch of an integrated healthcare solution ‘Lybrate Lab+’, enabling users to consult doctors online and get suggested lab tests done. The service aims to ensure automatic sharing of reports with healthcare experts.

Lybrate Lab+ will deliver the over 2,500 lab tests, including blood sugar, complete blood count (CBC), lipid profile, liver function test and thyroid profile, from Quest Diagnostics, Metropolis Labs, Thyrocare and Suburban Diagnostics to begin with.

It will be initially available in three cities – Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru. The service is also available for users to only book tests, get sample pick up and have reports shared with them automatically.

Integrated into online doctor consultation experience, the product equips users to book and get sample pick up from the location and time that best suit them, and proceed with the consultation process upon reports being automatically shared with them and their doctor.

With this, Lybrate, which has over 100,000 doctors from more than 80 cities in India, is creating an altogether new O3O (online-offline-online) marketplace in healthcare on the lines of existing O2O (online-offline), as the company decided to complete the loop of online doctor consultation, acting upon the doctor feedback that people leave the treatment unfinished because of involvement of lab tests.

Now, users will be able to consult doctors online, get sample pick up for lab test and get reports automatically shared with doctors and continue consultation on the app.