Loft Apartment in Poznan by Cuns Studio

Modern, spacious and dynamic dwelling with original timber structures and brick walls – this loft in Poznań,Poland carries the young, inventive spirit of its owner and the designers’ team that created it – the Cuns Studio. According to the dream of the owner to live in open, comfortable space with no borders and visible space defines the architects composed one free floating space that hosts the social areas of the apartment and only the bedroom is more secluded. But even there unusual space arrangement occurs – the oval bathtub with its enchanting lighting solution (a cloudy lamp) is situated with no visible division (except the difference in flooring) right next to the bed, a very unusual and creative approach.




The hard work of the designers in restoring the original wooden floors, timber roof structures, and uncovering and cleaning the brick wall construct paid off. The beauty of these old features combined with the modern and functional plasticity of the furnishing composes one eclectic and artistic space.


The design offers some very creative and unique features as well, for example- one can immediately tell that the owners are a music lover by the extensive sound system spread throughout the apartment, but the aesthetic contemporary look of the speakers is a pleasant bonus. The same goes for the designers’ lamps, the intriguing textures, and graphic textiles.



Quite entraining and playful touch is the suspended netted rope that functions as a hammock and creates a space to escape and reset. The playful nature of the design is underlined by some amusing fixtures – like the sink in the bathroom, the checkmate floor of the kitchen, the barbarone shaped chairs or the custom made steel staircase that leads to the mezzanine space. The color palate is restrained, dominated by shades of white and gray with the accents of old wood and some textile color additions. This adds to the contemporary character of the whole space one additional elegant spice.







 [Source:- Interiorzine]