Keeping Track of Mileage – How a Mileage Tracking App Can Help Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents often drive to the same destinations time and time again. Whether it’s a rental property, bank, lawyer, or broker’s office, these trips can add up to significant tax deductions for the agent.

One of the best ways to track mileage is to use a mileage-tracking app. These apps allow you to record your miles with GPS tracking, automatically categorize them and submit the data when tax season rolls around.


Keeping track of mileage is essential to every real estate agent’s job. From driving clients to and from viewings, meeting with mortgage lenders, visiting San Diego home inspection company offices, or even delivering business documents to government buildings that deal with property records, agents have countless opportunities to claim their miles as a tax deduction.

The best way to keep accurate and IRS-compliant mileage logs are to use a mileage tracking app that automatically keeps track of these trips and creates detailed reports when filing taxes each year. It is a time-saver, avoiding errors that could put you in an audit.

Accuracy refers to the closeness of a measurement to a standard or known value. For example, if you measure the weight of a substance with a caliper and get 3.2 kg, then your size is accurate (close to a known or standard value).

Precision, on the other hand, is more subjective. If you get 3.2 kg for a particular substance in five measurements, it’s not precise (close to a known or standard value).

If an agent chooses to claim their actual mileage expenses on tax forms, then they need to calculate the amount of their business-related vehicle costs. This can be done by calculating the standard mileage rate and comparing it with their expenses.


Real estate agents spend much time driving to clients’ homes and other places important to their business. This can include checking in on a property, visiting the bank to verify loan status, and traveling to an attorney’s office to discuss an issue.

As a result, a best mileage tracking app for realtors is an excellent way to keep track of your business miles and ensure that you claim the correct deduction when tax time comes around. In addition, a mileage tracking app can help you stay organized so that you remember to report a trip again!

A top-rated mileage app that tracks all your drives automatically in the background, helping you avoid the hassle of starting and stopping every time you go for a drive. It also provides a swipe function to categorize your drives as either business or personal.

The company offers a free version for the manual logging of trips and charges $4 per month for automatic trips with tolls and parking logging. They also provide a self-employed pricing option with more features and a dedicated support manager.

Many apps offer accounting capabilities that save you time and money during tax season, whether you’re a freelancer or an independent real estate agent. Some even integrate with your accounting software to help estimate taxes based on expenses versus income.

Ease of Use

Realtors and other real estate professionals spend much time on the road. It is essential to record all miles they drive to maximize their tax deductions for work-related mileage.

A Mileage Tracking App can make this task easy and convenient. These apps automatically log all your business miles and can even categorize them.

Many apps also have data reports that help you visualize your expenses and potential deductions. This is especially helpful for agents who need help calculating their business mileage to maximize their tax deductions.

For instance, it can automatically classify the distances between your home and office. It also calculates fuel economy, so you can know how much money you save on gas.

Another app is an excellent choice for real estate agents because it can detect drives on autopilot. Its one-swipe classification system makes it easy to classify business and personal purposes.

These apps are ideal for agents who want a simple and easy-to-use tool to track their mileage, and they can be used as a stand-alone or integrated into their existing accounting software. Whether you’re self-employed or run a small business, these apps can help you save money and make more money as a real estate professional.


Real estate agents are in a challenging situation when claiming tax deductions. They drive a lot for business, and many are unaware of their mileage expenses, which can result in them being penalized at tax time.

To avoid such a scenario, there are several ways to keep track of mileage, including paper logs, spreadsheets, and apps. The best option is to choose an app that automatically creates a mileage log for each of your drives and saves it securely in the cloud.

This can make taxes much more straightforward for agents, as it will be easier to tally up their drives and ensure they have all the necessary documentation for the IRS. There are also many types of mileage tracking apps, so it’s essential to find the one that fits your needs and is easy to use.

There are two main ways to calculate mileage deductions for real estate agents: the standard mileage rate or the actual expense method. Choosing the correct form can be difficult, so it is always a good idea to consult a tax professional.

Mileage tracking apps that offer automatic tracking, mile classification, and expense reports will make it easier for you to claim your mileage deductions at the end of the year. Some apps will even sync with your financial institution, so you can keep an eye on your income and expenses and identify any potential deductions you may have for your taxes.